Monday, May 30, 2011

Flea Market set up

This is going to be short and sweet for today only . I took a few pictures Saturday of my tables and wanted to share

Also Saturday if anyone had  mentioned they had read my blog I was going to let them pick out any one item they wanted  off my tables  (didn't happen)

I live in a dead zone I mean I think I am the only one around here that even reads blogs . I shouldn't say that I know 3 people who read blogs.
Flea markets just aren't big around here like Round Top Texas and Brimfiled Massachusetts and up in Minnesota and around Chicago but don't think I will move to any of those areas so will just keep reading about them on blogs

I am going to paint my little chalkboard white soon as I get caught up on other things I am working on

                    These babies took the car ride to the flea market and back home with me


      I took 12 boxes of old costume vintage jewelry and sold lots of it.                                               
I checked Between Naps On the Porch and she is having Metamorphosis


  1. Great finds! Wow!, you sold the 12 boxes of jewelry ?! goodness, you're a terrific business lady! The chalkboard and babys are just so cute! Good finds, my friend.
    Have a nice MD.

  2. Show a pic of your pug Sissy, we lost our 12 yr. old pug, Bennie, last year and I still miss him! snif, snif.....!

  3. That jewelery looks interesting, too bad I live so far from you, I would have gotten something free!


  4. Ooohhh I wish I could've been there! Do you still have that little lipstick holder with pearls by any chance *winks* Vanna

  5. Darn I live on the wrong side of the country I would have had a blast at this sale.
    Looks like there was plenty of wonderful finds.
    I like those dolls.

  6. Why yes Vanna I believe I do. Can't see the price and will have to go out in the garage and dig through my old vintage luggage to find it.

    However I don't think it has pearls on it I don't know what that is maybe a reflection ?


  7. I have one of those "Jingle Bell Jacks" that someone made for me when I was young {and I am now very old}. I also have the golden book with the same title. Sorry they didn't sell but they are cute.

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