Saturday, March 5, 2011

I like A Good Old Box

I know a lot of people say what ?  boxes and what is there even to show about boxes? well girls and boys I like boxes!

Every auction or estate sale I go to I notice the boxes and I have picked up a few that people throw away after an auction. Now I am not talking any cardboard box I mean pretty meaningful boxes. Boxes from long  ago like 1950- 1960 and older. I even kept a pretty box with a big crown on the end I had ordered something from a shop in California and it came in such a pretty new  box. I just remembered one from Victorian Trading Company that I didn't get a picture of  a round box.

These first ones are my favorite. A big leather hat box I found In a shop In Lexington Missouri.

Love it I keep it in the living room up on my bookcase. I use to have a lot of my old ladies hats in it ,can you believe I sold the hats?

This hat box I got at a yard sale and it had hats in it also.


These are downstairs with some of my lace in them. I like how you can see what's in the vintage hat box. I just remembered I have an old  blue American Tourister hat box also. I keep my vintage gloves in it.

   I have lots of small boxes that just caught my eye and kept them. Love this old piece of old velvet I keep scraps of velvet also

 Does anybody from the Kansas City Missouri area recognize this box? It's a signature box of a popular store I think from the 1960's.

The Inside  has the name of the store, I found this at an estate sale and bought the contents just to get the box because it reminded me of  someone in the family use to work at this store.

                                     Harzfeld's was a elegant ladies store
I am not sure what this box contained  maybe a comb and brush set or elegant jewelry set

Another old hat box a friend gave me with her hat inside

And I think I see these 2 hat boxes at every auction I go to definitely mass produced

I love this little child's shoe box with the cowboys and Indians on it and on the end a little guy is playing baseball

      This was another box from an estate sale where you crammed everything in a sack and the price was $2.00 a sack full. The sale I got it at the girl did altered art bead work and she had lots of old boxes filled with treasures vintage beads. She was just 53 and died from having cancer so I rescued some of her treasures to add to my treasures.

 She had another old box  that was addressed to her postmarked 1966 with just a few postage stamps on it. I kept it because that box meant something special to her or she wouldn't have kept it all these years.                              

       I liked the old paper on this box it was faded you could tell it was an old box   

Oh there is her box with the red  postage stamps showing the one she kept it had glass beads in it. I bet her grandparents sent her a special birthday present in it back  1966 and that is why she treasured it.

 I hope this wasn't too boring  I mean seeing boxes.
        I am traveling now and in Portland Oregon. My friend and I  went to the Portland Expo show at the expo center yesterday then we found Monticello antique mall on Starke. I had read about this place on other blogs so thought I had to check it out since right in Portland. My favorite booth was Madison antiques at the expo show.They had all the old cotton lace a girl could want plus lots of old vintage Victorian things buttons, tin type pictures , rhinestones everything I want for altered art cards and books. Oh beautiful chandeliers and you know what they had stuff priced to sell it not just show it off. Do you know what i mean? some booths had things priced out of site no way would I want to pay $55.00 for a small amount of lace when over at Madison Antiques Randy and Sheldon had it for $4.00 a bag. I loved the way they had things packaged also in clear plastic bags looked like little lunch sacks. well you would just have to see the packaging I can't describe things as pretty as they are.

One thing I really missed was the girly outside tents that are set up in the warmer months. Last July there was lots of white tents with fu fu things.

Then we went to Barnes and Noble then home. We was tired.Since we left home at 7am got home at 7pm

Today is my  family day then tomorrow my friend and I  are going to the coast. I will show pictures when I get home                                         


  1. Isn't Monticello wonderful?! My fave place for a weekend get-a-way!
    THANKS for the sweet words about my grandbabies!

  2. I sure love Portland~ My sister and Brother and their families live there a beautiful place, hoping to visit this summer~

  3. Beautiful boxes. I especially like the first one and the cowboy one. Am jealous of the 'everything you can put in the sack for $2'. My kind of sale. xx

  4. I like boxes too! And, I hope you contact me while you're in Portland, because we need to meet in person. Also, I'm adding your blog to my list of favorites!


  5. I love your boxes -- especially the clear hatboxes. I pick boxes up whenever possible and wire baskets, too. I wonder if we'll ever run out of things to put in them?

  6. Happy to hear you made it to Monticello - it's one of my favorite stops when in Portland.