Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Family Pictures

Not my family pictures and I always wondered at auctions and estate sales why somebody in the family doesn't keep their family pictures? I guess the word didn't get passed down the family line of who is who.

I realize I have family pictures that the younger generation in my family has no idea who these people are so at our family reunion this year. yes an old time family reunion. My sisters and I are working on it  and have no idea what we are doing. Any advice would be appreciated. We know that old family reunions everybody came for the day and brought food and drinks and it was a big picnic.

Since some of our family is from more than down the road we not are not sure how to get this accomplished. Guess we will order some food for a crowd and get some coolers and fill with Pepsi and buy some chips??
  Who knows now what we will do we have till June 18th to figure it out. We have a shelter rented at a local park
All we know is we want to see our family that we haven't seen and have only heard about, cousins


The above pictures are not my family I picked them up at sales just couldn't stand the idea of somebody throwing them away. I just love the dress the lady has on and that baby who wouldn't love  it .
I also bought a couple old albums

There was only one picture left in this album it is of an priest, it says his name and date
His Holiness Pope Pius X Born June 2nd 1835 Elected Pope Dec4 1903. Click on the picture and look at that old lace he is wearing. I really enjoy looking at old textile and materials
On this page was some old calling cards with names. The last one was  Dora Endsley I knew someone of that name it was the maiden name of this older lady I knew. The other cards are Bertha Brown and Walter Brown. Very good old names

I like this old RECORD book, I have always wanted to write some thought in it might as well it's just sitting looking pretty in the studio. I also have picked up these rosary's at sales they are usually just in boxes of stuff so I have about 5 now. I am not catholic just have these items
Here is my hostess gifts I am making for my guests at a ladies luncheon. I am a hostess and in charge of setting a table for 8 and I started giving my guest little gifts that go along with the theme. This year there is no theme so I am giving button flowers in little old thread spools. I am setting my table with old ironstone platters odds & ends and using an old ironstone pitcher for my water pitcher. Also using my mother of pearl handled silverware. I have 8 brown stafforshire coffee cups so guess they can all match. Nothing else will match but be in the same color tone like the button flowers I have made.

I had fun making them I just set and watched TV and buttoned away.
Here is another picture that goes along with the old childrens pictures I have picked up
This is a special button. It's framed because it was a button off my Grandmother's winter coat.It just had one large button at the top I can barley remember it. After Grandma Baker died and I was looking through her sewing basket I spotted it and remembered the coat it came off of.
If a certain cousin who lives in Florida comes I am going to show her this and see if she remembers the coat that it came off of. I also want to try and find a picture of her in it.

Another old picture hanging on the wall in the studio
A sweet lady who I use to buy lots of things from gave me this picture because she didn't like the old worn out looking frame. I love it just the way it looks. So thank you Mrs Ellison. The pictures name is Little  BlueBelle
           They just announced on TV this morning Elizabeth Taylor died she was the most beautiful woman ever. No wonder she was married so many times men couldn't resist her beauty. However they couldn't keep her entertained well enough to get to stay around. Maybe after the honeymoon they din't have things in common I have always wondered about that. What keeps a marriage happy and together? With all their money to travel and play around the world it shouldn't have ever gotten boring.(thinking out loud)

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  1. Family reunion - great idea, lots of prep work, share the work with as many family as you can. Lists. Folding Chairs. Garbage bags. Parking. Overnight suggestions.

    Lovely photos. Lovely spool flowers.

    - Joy

  2. Beautiful vintage pictures! love the button flowers!!!

  3. What cute button flowers! I've never seen those before. Love 'em!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful collection of old photographs and albums you have! Thanks for the sweet comment you left this morning. I just love the name of your blog! have a beautiful weekend... Donna

  5. Oh I love your olden photos and the albums.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.
    I am linking up to follow you. :)
    xo bj

  6. I love the old spools! I have been on the lookout for those but so far haven't spied any.

  7. I am trying to share my family's photos with others as well. Here is an example of a blog post I made to experiment with that idea.

    I am a new follower! I love linens and china too. :)