Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Years 2012

Happy New Years to everybody we had such a great 2011 and I hope 2012 will be better. I have so enjoyed ya all coming by to visit and see my short stories about my treasures. I will sure be over to visit ya all also.
This is some of my evening rhinestones  I have collected from back in the day. I just might have to wear them today and for the week end LOL

I also want to say thanks to al of you who stopped by this year and left me comments, that keeps me going to read them

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Belated Santa's

I didn't get my Santa molds in any Christmas post so just have to show them off before the new year comes around

Also I am home picking up Santa treasures , I always drag out everything I own related to Santa LOL

See you next year

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

Well here it is and I still have things for show & tell LOL. I finally got my little silver tinsel tree out and put some of my old vintage post cards on it. I just  love old Christmas post cards lots of them are post marked the week of Christmas with a one cent stamp on them. I love the ones post marked Dec 24 1908. Most of mine our 1904-1917

I could enjoy Christmas for another month. Hope you all have a great week

 'With Home and Love and Cheer and Many a Friend ,

 A Happy , Merry Christmas  May you spend              xoxo




This is one of the things I bought myself this Christmas a beautiful lavender toile cup & saucer

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day , love to ya all
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Me & Grandma

Hi ya all

 I am loving seeing all the Christmas decorations on all the linky parties. I have just a few little special things I am showing. This little Hallmark ornament was my Grandmother's I set it in one of my silver ladles

                                                                         ( I know I showed this last year)                 

Then how about a funny picture of me. I see all the blogs where I am sure ladies have taken a photography class and have their cameras in front of them so here is my version LOL

This Santa sweatshirt I have on well It was my youngest daughters   when she was in high school LOL . I loved it because     of the button Santa. This was when girls would wear a sweatshirt about 6 sizes to large for them. Remember that era?

I also ordered me a gift from Ballard Design. I LOVE these buttons named button garland on line or in the book. I measured them and 9 feet of mother of pearl buttons , on each spool

I will play them year long . That is how you girls get what you want buy it for yourself right? Maybe just us single gals do that, no I have always done that LOL

Ok Now I have got to go someplace to get a haircut, I usually go to a girl near Jefferson City however I can't get that far today . I did drive to church Sunday so I think I can get out to a local salon
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the Season

This is an angel made out of an old  church song book my sister gave me a few years ago for my birthday in November and the sweet little pug ornament I got this year from my daughter in memory of Sissy my little pug who died this year

I don't have any other pictures to post because I moved my home office computer around and can't get it back up, so using my little notebook.I  had this one picture on it . My son in law got me this wireless connection device so I can use my notebook, other wise I would be off line till Saturday till he comes to town

I will be wrapping treasures and reading ya all's blogs

Merry Christmas                                                             

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

More treasures of the season

I never get tired of dragging out Christmas decorations and usually get so many the house looks cluttered (per my family) LOL
Oh well it  makes me happy to show off more little things I am working on . I got all my Christmas cards sent out. I know a lot of people don't send cards anymore. I like to send them to special people and my family in other states. I am a card collector I have maybe 50 boxes of cards.

I had a surprise at my front door this morning, at 6:00 am I called my sister who drives into Columbia every day for work and I call her just to see what the weather is out on the roads and this morning she said I left you something on your front porch !! OMG it was a Yankee candel Citrus & Sage my favorite, it was wrapped al Christmasie so I put it under the tree. Then she had a piece of home made walnut cake (omg) I can make 3 days of treats out of it (small bites)

These are 3 little angels that was a surprise for me in an auction box of things I had got last summer didn't know they were in the box till I got home and started digging always fun to find good things

only tree lights on

some of my vintage reindeers on the tree
         snow baby on his airplane                                                    

 little tree in a chamber pot LOL
I put some of my vintage Shinny Brite balls in the tray , I usually put them in a large glass punch bowl to display them. I have several boxes of Shinny Brite balls in their original boxes I have picked up at estate sales

 just treasures  in a jar here , my little glitter boot with a tree in the top of it


  These treasures are all on my work table in the studio

my little bitty shinny brite balls in a jar and my white puffy tree I got last year at Target after Christmas sale
                     I love this ribbon with music notes on it I got at a local antique shop before it closed                                                                                     
  Now I have a few more things to show for my next post also I am cleaning some silver ladles
           Merry Christmas to one and all

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Monday, December 12, 2011

hand made cards+ one from UK

I mentioned I was making a few cards for friends and then made just a few little do dads and wanted to show you a few at a time.
Last year I made some great little cards , if i do say myself and gave them all away and wish I had a picture of them so I could do it again.

Anyway here is a few like I said. This one has my Silent Night ribbon on it

Since blue is my favorite color had to make some blue ones

the glitter isn't showing up good in this picture. I think I have my camera out of adjustment

This one I really like I tore a page out of Victoria bliss magazine and folded it back and fort and glued some glitter on and put the glitter snow flake on with glue

I bought this Holiday Hugs cloth ribbon at a store that went out of business last year, they had the most interesting things

This one a friend gave me the idea , it's a 3-D card. I glued on the pearls on the trees branches,put the rhinestone star on top,  put glitter on the ladies dress ( who looks like Mamie Eisenhower) doesn't she? my friend said this ,  run some glitter ribbon down one side. The card opens and says Merry Christmas


on this one I have some ribbon that says Silent Night with wire on the outer edges so cut the wire off and just used the wording , a music sheet and a paper lace napkin

I am still working on more but wanted to share a few. I am in a card exchange and can't wait to show the ones I recieve
     I was in a card exchange over at It's A Very Cherry World and my partner was Hope from The United Kingdom and here is the card she sent me. It looks like a Tim Holtz card , just perfect . I really this she did an execellent job, You can check out all the other fancy cards.


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Friday, December 9, 2011

More is better ?

In clothes dressing with accessories less is better(some say) but I think for Christmas more is better around my house. Usually every room in my house has Christmas decorations even my bathrooms.

I told a Christmas story the other day about when I was a child we got one thing for Christmas, except the year I was about 4 1/2 I got a doll and a doll buggy. I have a picture of me my rich cousin from St Louis and my brother under my grandparents children tree we cut down back in Grandpa's woods.
My Aunt Lou always brought me Marilou's hand me downs and I loved it because she always had beautiful clothes. In this picture I had on an Easter bonnet  that was in my hand me down box. I was always so happy to see my Aunt & Uncle and cousin visit. I was thinking why would they leave their beautiful new house in the city and drive their new Cadillac over the woods  and across the state line to our house in the country?

Here is a little teapot cup & saucer I ordered a couple years ago from Victorian Trading Company

I decorated my cloche with a few little animals, the little white lamb a very special little boy made it for me

I have been working on putting bottle brush trees in jars turned upside down and came across this toile pencil box and well just stuck a tree in it. I am also making a few altered art Christmas cards for special people in my life. Some people just don't get it, I mean the home made cards etc. A friend seen some and just died laughing ( she's just not with it) couldn't understand why anyone would want them. I had to explain the era of re purpose LOL. I gave her a lesson on altered art, She still laughed LOL

Here is one of  4 of my gold glitter church's I bought at Pier One after Christmas I think last year maybe year before
 I am slowly getting it all out since I am not having my annual ladies Christmas party this year due to my incident it doesn't all have to be out at any certain time
I am having family over the 18th of this month for dinner and happy times                                                            
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love Christmas decor

I have been working on getting my Christmas decorations out and displayed around my living room. So far I have put some of my favorite things on my first tree.

I am having a health problem that has really slowed me down . Black Friday was really a black Friday for me I had a stroke , due to my diabetes and it has affected my eyes. Not driving since I am seeing double out of one eye and can't seem to eye very well out of the other. My eye specialist said the nerve in my eye will regenerate with 4 months so I can see  normal again. In the mean time I am adjusting to not being able to run all day and visit and shop.I can see up close  just not over a foot away without being cross eyed like.
My very good friends Jo & Gary  and church friends have been driving me to appointments. Which I am  not use to having to have someone help me. I usually am the one helping drive others around.

Now here is some things I managed to get on my tree yesterday. I have been looking around at some blogs and the pictures are breathtaking so beautiful of their Christmas decorations.
I have so many Christmas decorations I usually change from year to year. When My friends  Jo & Gary were here Monday they brought up some boxes for me to use and this is some of them that I am using this year. This first little ornament is from my all white tree last year

I think I bought these ice skates at TJ Maxx this year early

I love my white bottle brush trees I got all 3 one year at an antique mall for $7.50 for you bargain shoppers you will understand. The little white snow people was on last years tree also.

This is a shelf on my bookcase, with work to still be done

My tree this year , I just put on it what was in the boxes my friends brought up for me. It all looks so pretty together
My glass garland I bought at Country Living fair in Atlanta Georgia last year
  I am still working on it so will post more pictures later

had to put some garland over my favorite painting


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