Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Wishes and Pretty Dishes

I love pretty dishes and if someone shows me what they are collecting or just what they have from their Mom's or someone in the family gave it to them then I fall in love with it and look for my own.
I am looking for a shaker now, it has a sterling top that unscrews then it has a top with holes like for salt or sugar under the first top. My friend got one at an estate sale then I went to a ladies house who was showing me her Grandmother's items and she had one. They are very old and I want one.

I collect sterling salt shakers just because I find them at a good price at sales.I just bought one from an antique shop for $5.00 it's very tiny and the picture isn't as cute as it really is. I seen where a lady had used a shaker just like this and put an old china doll head under  the lid  anyway it was an altered art necklace loved it.

                                    This is one of a kind I guess someone lost it's partner

                                          These are very light weight hardly weigh anything       

            No these are the sterling ones  that weigh nothing the ones above has glass inside

                             My little shakers all in a row


I found some more old silverware that have Bakelite handles it's a butterscotch like color and you can see through it I never have seen any more like it to add to the collection

I should have started out by showing my Turkey plates since it's Thanksgiving. They had these at Marshall's a couple years ago after Thanksgiving and I had to have them


I use to always use my Mom's dishes at Thanksgiving but changing up this year. Her set is Jewel Tea autumn leaf. I hope you all get full of turkey and everything else that is good.


  1. Love the turkey dishes, and your table setting is beautiful. The mirrored tray looks gorgeous on the table, and what an interesting table cloth.

  2. Love all your shakers and the coloured turkey plate. Happy Thanksgiving to you :)

  3. The old silverware with the butterscotch perfect for Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for sharing all of your lovelies. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    - Susan

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