Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweet Little Christmas candles + Happy Thanksgiving

I use to have a lot of these little wax candles and sold them at an antique booth I use to have. I still have about 15 or 20. I am bad about selling items then I always want them back. So after a few sold I took these home.

                                                         Happy Snowmen

                                                   The Children's Choir
                                                     The Marching Guys

                                                  Sweet Little Angels
                                        All the Little Santa's

                        This is a little wool sheep, home made I'm sure and it is so soft and sweet


Do you ever have to look and look for something? I was looking through a drawer in my spare bedroom and seen a couple of my beaded bags which love and don't think I have ever carried them any where except church.  This first one I bought at TJ Maxx while traveling once. I was headed down to Paducah Kentucky to attend the national quilt show. I just love all the vendors at that show and then the antique shops in Paducah was so great.

     This is a vintage bag I got at an estate sale 

         An elderly Aunt gave me this old Avon key once while I was visiting her
             This is what they call a Carryall , because back in the day (1950's) when ladies would go dancing instead of leaving your purse on the table while dancing you just carried it on your wrist.I should have opened it up for you . It has a place for lipstick, powder, coins and has a small comb in it. I have a few more also. You know its heavy and the way I dance I could hit my guy on the head and it would hurt. LOL Of course back then they had romantic dancing not like today, they snuggled up to their man or date.
This a very old small leather coin bag I am trying to make into an altered art necklace. Work In progress you can say                                   
           This is my sweet little pug coin purse that was a gift from a friend

Now how wild is this ???????I picked this up at an estate sale once in a box of goodies for hardly nothing of course no one but me would want it. I just love the tulle material it is made out of and had a head for it LOL I think this was wore over your hair curlers so you could go out in public looking pretty LOL

        I forgot to show this picture when I did my post about being in Savannah Georgia anyway this is at the back door of Paula Deen's gift shop I was back there waiting to see if any body of importance like Paula came out LOL She had wrote her name in the wet concrete, Bobby & Jami had their names in it also.   It's hard to see . Did I tell you that was the best trip ever?.                                        

Another thing while I am redecorating my studio I am going for pink ( I think ).  found this packed away and want to use it somehow altered.
    I found this also, I picked it up from a table at an auction that someone left, you would be surprised what all people leave and I stay and till I make sure I have all my things, well you know I can remember once I left a pile of things and was just sick over it especially when it's treasures you really want.

                                                                                                                                                                    I got this at a yard sale and think it was so cute and matched my rescued basket



  1. Those Christmas candles are so adorable. I remember my mother having a few similar ones years ago. Just so cute!

  2. Wow, I love the candles, they're so cute! You found some great items and that tulle head wrap reminds me of a photo of my aunt from way back, she had something like that on with curlers underneath.

    Love your finds, but I really came by to wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. Your home will be beautiful, and the food will be delicious.

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