Monday, August 23, 2010

Part two My Studio Treasures

Here is a few more pictures of my studio and all the items I have statched away. I am trying to get a few items out and priced for the annual fall flea market in my area. It is at Artichoke Annies on I-70. Oct 9th, but it takes a long time to price everything . Anybody that has done it knows how time consuming it is. I have so many drawers and cabinets full. I find things I forgot I had. I have most sale items in my garage already. I can't sell my studio treasures.

I just love it, I have always loved old things. I can remember as a child going through my Grandmothers desk and finding treasures like an old black glass ball that had answers in it. I would ask it will I be rich $$ when I grow up? It said NO. It was right. It had all kinds of answers in it. I would love to have that now.  My grandparents moved to Florida when they retired, my Grandfather passed away , so Grandmother  packed up to move back to where my Mother lived. at the time. Anyway my cousins got most of my Grandparents old items. I am sure the black glass ball lives in Jacksonville Florida now. Along with trunks, a ceramic snake my Grandfather bought in Arizona one year on one of their trips out west. Oh and Grandmothers desk also. I still have pictures of  her desk with a cousin sitting under it. Funny that is the only things I can remember she had when they lived in Illinois. Oh wait a minute she had a big glass basket that always set on the refigerator. I have that. I broke it once, I cried and finally found a company to repair it. So I sent it off in the mail. It came back looking awful. So I cried again. We are not  suppose to cry over spilled milk, but this was Grandmas glass basket.

 Hope you enjoy my pictures today. For a close up click on the pictures, then click again. They will be very large. I like them like that.


  1. Hello!:)

    Thank you for your so friendly and sweet comment on my blog!!:)It made me very happy:)
    Your blog is intresting and beutiful, too! I like old stuff much, too:) I`ll visit again:)

    I wish you happy and sunny week!
    Marge from Finland

  2. hi! thanks for visiting cottage romance and for your sweet comment on my black damask table! i love ur blog title!

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by Sassafras Stuff today! It is nice to connect with you!

    Your studio is FULL of fabulous treasures!! Isn't it fun to have a place like that to be creative and surrounded by everything you LOVE??!!

    Have a great week!


    P.S. Love the name....Curtains in my tree!! TOOO CUTE!!

  4. So nice to meet you m'am. I loved seeing all your beautiful treasures. I will have to mark my calendar for the event At Annies on Oct.9. Sounds fun, I didn;t know they did that sort of thing.

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