Monday, August 16, 2010

More Estate sale finds

This is 4 glass prisms laying on an iron corn stick pan. What a combination. I always seem to sell these at the flea market, the iron corn stick pan. I keep all my glass  chandelier prisms.

This is a metal sign that would have gone on a desk. This man worked at CNN.

Oh these beautiful cotton lace table cloths. I am not going to use both of them as a table cloth. I seen a top in a magazine made out of lace. It was a Ralph lauren blue label top, anyway I never could locate one so i will just make me one.

You sure can't see the beauty of this little hot pink velvet hat sitting on my concrete Pug, But it is just fabulous. all the stems are velvet hanging down with a flower on each end and then on the inside of each flower end it has white beading. I will try to get a better picture.
Anybody who loves old hats from the 1950 & 1960's would love them.

I wanted to show these pink leather ballerina shoes I got also at the estate sale.I have a box of them but I just love them ,to think of some little bitty person dancing around in them. I kept some and have them hanging in my studio. Anyway I want to think of a project to use them for. All I can think of is to make pin cushions. Anybody have an idea for me?


  1. I linked over from white wednesday. I love the lace and the pink velvet hat! It's gorgeous!

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