Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I Play With Buttons

Oh I would like to stay home this rainy day and play with some of my buttons to create another project in the studio. These buttons I always wanted to make a necklace and have never set still long enough to figure out just how to do it. I have an article out of a magazine of one made with mother of pearl buttons and I loved it.

Hope you all had a nice Easter we had snow here and it was so fun to be inside where it was warm and just enjoy it.

Also I need to move a cabinet to where I can display my Pink luster tea set in it in my kitchen. Then I bought blue paint to paint an old pie safe  that I want to rearrange also in the studio.

Gotta Go

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  1. You're a busy bee. I am trying not to have to pay bills - not fun.

  2. Gorgeous Janice, love the shell with the shell buttons, so elegant with the sparkly diamonds!! Looooove it! xoxo

  3. Your buttons make me swoon. We have rain later this week. Spring is near.

  4. I’m sitting here laughing because I play with buttons too .... I’ve collected since childhood and have jars and jars of pretties... I can’t wait to see what you might make with them.... at least I know that you’ll be having FUN .... ENJOY your week ...HUgs

  5. I love playing with buttons too! Especially old ones. Just sticking my hand in a jar or tin and grabbing a handful makes me ever so happy!

  6. Your buttons are gorgeous! I used to play with buttons and I have always wanted to make a necklace too. I have seen them at art fairs and they are pricey!

  7. Lots of pretty buttons!---I like the sparkly ones!