Thursday, April 27, 2017

Out Shopping

Well it has happened to me now, my printer is on the blink so I'm out shopping for a new computer and printer. My printer says it's not recognized. I have cleaned the cartridges and changed to new ones,still it won't be recognized by the computer? I have had this several years and it does a lot, guess a new one will do a lot also. Do you have any idea what's wrong?
These pictures are old advertising posters for a gentleman's summer suit which is proper for a stroll in the park in the city 1900's.Boy they don't dress like this now. I am shocked what people wear to weddings nowadays also to church. You can tell my age since I think anyone should dress up to attend a wedding.
These posters are about 30 inches x 24  I just zoomed in on the main subjects ,something else in the studio


After I find my new computer and printer I'll need help setting it all up. I am not good at this. I am one who also hates to pay the Geek Squad but may have to.

I hope to be back soon with all new gadgets and stories. I'll have to close my etsy shop while I reorganize.

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  1. So sorry Jan - I don't know a good computer guy here but we used to take ours in to Office Depot (now bought out by Office Max in Colorado). You take in the tower but maybe if you called them they would send someone since your printer is involved. You could ask what they do?

  2. Good luck! It stresses me out to even think about having to shop for things like that!

  3. When a printer is installed to work with a computer, special software called 'a driver' is loaded to the computer which allows the computer and the printer to 'talk'. It is common for this software to get corrupted and need to be reloaded or re-installed. You go thru the steps to uninstall the printer device and then re-install. The reinstallation will ask for the driver, you can either provide the original install disc (CD) or download the driver from the manufacturers website. Good Luck.

    1. This is the right answer. I've had this happen, also. I have also had to buy a new printer when the manufacturer retired my model and the driver. The manufacturers want to control over when we buy a new printer and what ink we use.

  4. I had to start from scratch with my printer. Reset it to the factory settings it had when I bought it years ago & started over syncing it to my laptop. It worked. I googled my problem including brand until I found a poster's solution that worked. The screen on the printer let me reset to factory settings. Good luck.

  5. Oh...I wouldn't have the vaguest but I totally identify with the frustration of something like this messing up.

    These are such cool posters! Looks like the 30's???

    Good luck, Jan.

    Jane x

  6. Just call the geeks. Will be cheaper and they can probably get it right with a few clicks.

  7. I've had the same problem not only with my printer but also with my camera...I've noticed this usually occurs after a Microsoft update. Just follow rs's advice from above and it should fix the problem.

  8. So good work, darling Janice, I also don't love such kind of occupations, alas, but I feel I have to thank you for the so charming graphic you're sharing today !

    Wishing you the best of weekends ahead

    XOXO Dany

  9. Good luck! I'm a Mac person.

  10. Oh, I hope it all goes smoothly for you! Love the vintage ads. Yes, dress is very casual these days and I am always 'over-dressed'! xx Karen

  11. Hi Janice and so glad you stopped by and you liked the easter post-- i live this post of yours as well-'' and yes i still like to dress up for church ESPECIALLY Easter sunday and i think its a sign of respect to dress nice to enter a church or place of worship and my goodness yes we should dress up to attend a wedding. I love the old pictures you put on here! I am apalled at what i see young people wearing these days--' i am OLD! ha ha lol--- but i wonder why they were never taught any better? The early 1900s is one of my favorite eras and men in nice suits and ladies in gloves and remember pretty handkerchiefs and pocketbooks? And although uncomfortable--- how pretty nylons made our legs look? And hats were so pretty on sunday especially easter sunday and sweet baby girls in their easter bonnets and little boys wearing bow ties and men actually shined their dress up shoes----those days are so missed

  12. As they say in the South, "Your mama raised you RIGHT!" I was horrified when I saw people show up to my grandmother's funeral in torn jeans and flannel shirts.
    I was one of only a few who wore a bonnet to church on Easter and will continue to do so. :)

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  14. I am dismayed that people no longer dress in their Sunday best for church, weddings or funerals. I still like to even when we go out to eat on date night!