Thursday, April 27, 2017

Out Shopping

Well it has happened to me now, my printer is on the blink so I'm out shopping for a new computer and printer. My printer says it's not recognized. I have cleaned the cartridges and changed to new ones,still it won't be recognized by the computer? I have had this several years and it does a lot, guess a new one will do a lot also. Do you have any idea what's wrong?
These pictures are old advertising posters for a gentleman's summer suit which is proper for a stroll in the park in the city 1900's.Boy they don't dress like this now. I am shocked what people wear to weddings nowadays also to church. You can tell my age since I think anyone should dress up to attend a wedding.
These posters are about 30 inches x 24  I just zoomed in on the main subjects ,something else in the studio


After I find my new computer and printer I'll need help setting it all up. I am not good at this. I am one who also hates to pay the Geek Squad but may have to.

I hope to be back soon with all new gadgets and stories. I'll have to close my etsy shop while I reorganize.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Hat

I was thinking of looking for a new yard hat for this spring and summer and wondered how this lamp shade would work LOL

It looks great on my glass ladies head in the studio, I even added a black veil under the shade for her to look her best 1960's stylish way.

I am busy putting away a stack of magazines I love and want to keep and changing out things setting around the house..She is sitting on one of my bookcases where I put special magazines.Have a good week end I plan to also.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tea Cup Exchange

I received my box from my exchange partner for the tea cup exchange on Stephanie's Blog  and  I am thrilled with what all my partner Linda sent me. Check out her blog.
This is such a fulfilling thing to do, I love surprises and this was.

Look how sweet she wrapped all my goodies

 Love these little napkins especially since they have the dark blue trim

Oh how I wanted to eat this entire box of Godiva Biscuits. I did enjoy the honey spoon in my cup of hot tea. These spoons are wonderful if you have never had any, get some !

Then look at this bag of vintage lace behind the honey spoons !! fabulous
So Nice

Then I just had to have a hot cup of tea in my new beautiful calico cup,since I'm trying very hard not to enjoy sweets I didn't have a fresh scone or sweet bread with my hot tea. I did enjoy the honey spoons she sent me however. Thank you so much Linda for being my surprise partner and thanks to Stephanie for doing this for us all to enjoy.


Isn't this all wonderful?

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TeaCup Exchange Reveal

I was just too fast at posting on my tea cup exchange so will try again on the correct date

Thanks to all of you who looked at my earlier post

I didn't know how to repost it?I will take any help as how to do this


Monday, April 10, 2017

Things I like

I'm home from work and yard man is here mowing and the sun is out so it's a good day. All my hydrangeas are coming up and so is my peonies.My yard still looks very bare. I need some flowers blooming for sure. Seems like all the nurseries and Lowes are getting lots bedding plants in. I'm not planting till I get back from a trip.


I was going through lots of my buttons and I really like this old lamp part and the vintage looking tag I bought from a shop closing up near Kansas City Mo. I took them out in the sun for a picture of them. My house is dark in the afternoon due to large trees around my house and the west side neighbor's  house hides my house from the late afternoon sun . My next house will be lots windows facing east to west not north ans south

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

St Louis Tea Room

Hello I don't have the pictures of my visit to Mary Ann's Tea Room in St Louis however sweet Bernideen's Tea Time  does on her blog. It was such a wonderful place to have lunch. It use to be an old greenhouse where we set for lunch Bernideen tells all this on her blog

I want to show some Bunnies I like since it's close to easter. I was walking downtown on my break and seen this sweet Bunny in the window of my favorite store ( Tululahs ) .I think it's a Bethany Lowe or Nicole Sayre It's about 2 feet tall Love it.

Then here is a couple little cards I have placed in a wire flower frog on one of my shelves in my  studio of fun things

It's still raining here, we are about to mold it's been raining so much after our dry winter with no snow or rain. It's even to wet to mow the yard which really needs it already

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

April's Fools Day

 How many of you play tricks on friends and family on April Fools Day? I have in the past now seems I can't think something up that they wouldn't believe if I said it LOL

How about if I said i'm getting married and wearing these vintage high heels from the 1960's ?
Believe it ?                                        

or these ?

Well of course i'm not getting married just needed something pink for Pink Saturday on Beverly's blog for Pink Saturday

Happy April 1st


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Back in 2013

Just ran across a post I did  in 2013 where I was wondering why ladies quit blogging with no explanations. I'm having hot tea and doing this post before I start another yard cleaning day outside

I am getting lots done,yard work most of yesterday and had help with little grandsons ages 6 and 9.

I had a chandelier outside hanging in a tree over the patio and took it down since all the crystals was blown off ,guess the birds carried them off?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Still on Break

Hi Y'all I'm still taking another week or so for a break, trying to get lots done. I wish I was sewing up these gorgeous pillows however i'm not


Happy St Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Quit Blogging ?

I have always wondered why ladies quit blogging after so many years and lots post? I have had several bloggers who I loved their blogs just quit, no explanations why. I wish they would say, I'm tired of writing post, or I just don't have anything else to say,or i'm into something else now. Just say something, you know write a goodbye post, let us down easy.

I started blogging for entertainment, I was a widow at 60, my kids all live away from me two in Oregon, My sisters are busy with their families.My married girlfriends have their husbands, some still have college kids at home. I'm home alone with my male cat Shirlee. I blog, feed birds, feed stray cat. Visit an old man in a assisted living complex at a senior village. I use to shop a lot until cost of living like health insurance and personal  property taxes have gone up considerably. I go mass sometimes 2-3 times a week.  Am I whining? LOL yes I am

I need to take up new interest, like walking and exercising and lifting weights to get some muscle tone back, if possible at my age ? I once read where a lady at age 70 started doing this and had excellent success and of course she looked great again.

In the spring I work in my flower beds a lot and that really takes a lot of my time which I thoroughly enjoy digging in the dirt and seeing the results during blooming season.

I am just taking a BREAK for a while. I will be back

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bird House

I am one to feed birds all winter and last year continued feeding them a lot in the summer.I have mentioned before I have a heated birdbath for the birds to drink out of when it's below freezing. However this last week it has been in 70's.

          This is a ceramic bird house I found online and loved it and thought I had to have it.   It's my indoor bird house                                                      
This would be so cute hanging out on a screened in porch, since I don't have one I just move it around the house . I have a lot of blue and white dishes and ceramic flower pots to sort of match this also. I am rearranging today as I dust.

It's still a nice day here in central Missouri. My flower beds are bone dry the dirt is like sawdust so I got my water hose out of the garden shed and watered my dirt LOL in my beds. It did sprinkle a little last night not enough to help this dry spell we are in .
I am home doing house work so must get back to it . Thanks for checking my stories out. Wouldn't a huge bird house like this be fabulous ?

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Coffee Keys

Do any of you remember seeing these cans at your grandparents home? or maybe your home  back in the day ? I can remember me wanting to open cans of coffee with the little key with a hole in it to latch onto a tab on the coffee can. I bought this can at an auction back in the 1980's and have always kept it because it reminds me of my days when I was in grade school. The can was full of the little keys.

Now I know you younger girls out there won't know anything about these LOL It's for the generation gals who lived in the 1950-1960's

Then again I'm telling my age

Just another thing tucked away in the studio

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Day of Love

Just showing a few hearts in the studio this pre Valentine's Day. This heart was found at an after Christmas sale. I tore off all the holly and berries and Christmas bow and here it is all a new for Valentine's Day

 I had to stand my angel in a chair to get her full size.I think they look good together.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend

            This is a old wall hanging quilt from years gone by also a few things I have had for sometime that I am sharing today. There is so many pretty things for Valentine's day on all blogs, mine are just simple little hearts in the studio                                  
 hanging on the wall in my sewing room
 A heart pin cushion I made years ago hanging from bottom of a shelf
 This is a little vintage card I got of courses years ago, seems like I have had lots of things for years
 I always kept these out of magazines, just to darn cute to throw away, I have a drawer just for these. I have cut some of these pages up previously and used them on Valentine Day cards

All we need is Love 

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Two Hearts

Since it's time to post something about Valentines instead of showing cards I am not working on I remember my two hearts I have on a bookshelf.One from a daughter as a gift and the other I bought in Portland Oregon years ago down at Pioneer Square in a shop that also sold my blue calico dishes.

This candle holder I bought at a local florist shop last summer at sidewalk sale days here in town. Love the cupid .That is my undecorated Valentine's tree in the background                                                                                                                

 This is the hinged heart I bought in Oregon,It opens on top and I have it filled with those tiny pictures you get with your proofs when you have pictures taken at a photographer's studio
 Then this was a gift and I have a picture in it,I have it laying in a glass bowl filled with glass beaded flowers
 This was taken a few years ago because the oldest little boy in this picture will be 14 years old this Saturday . I don't post about my family as many of you know who follow me,but since I had to open this heart to show the inside had to mention my daughter and two boys at the time,now there is 2 more boys in the same family. All very precious of course.I have total 7 grandsons no granddaughters.

I have a couple more things to post about Valentine's Day  in a few days 

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Table Setting

I run across these pictures of a table I set once for a ladies luncheon. This is a rerun you can say. Some of you may not have seen this because it was a few years ago. I have been blogging 7 years now, hard to believe.
I started blogging for self entertainment and guess i'm still entertaining myself with all your lovely blogs

          My bouquet of button flowers set in middle of the table on one of my antique dresser mirrors                                                    
   I used ironstone white and cream colored platters for our luncheon plates and my brown and white calico staffordshire cups and saucers
 Do you see my white and cream colored buttons on the table? Then I made each lady a little wooden sewing thread spool with vintage buttons on it. One of the ladies who was at this luncheon called me later that day and ask if she could buy all the dishes I used for this luncheon. I said YES, I have since found some more cups and saucers for myself
This was so much fun. I would like to do it again 
I am ready for this weekend Indoor Garage Sale at The Holiday Inn west convention center here in Columbia Missouri. My kitchen, well you can't walk through it for boxes and piles of things I am 
 taking out there to pass along for someone else to cutter their house with my treasures LOL 

Here is another luncheon I set a table for 

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Monday, January 30, 2017


Remember back (1990's) when a lot of us were into making Samplers? well anyway I was Hahah. I loved them and never could afford the ones from 1700-1800's so got patterns and made my own.
This first one is one I had my daughter who was in junior high at the time make for me. I seen an antique one just like this once in an antique shop. It's quite a large in the frame it is 17x21 inches. 1989
This is a sampler I purchased at a store in Sturgeon Missouri years ago and loved the dark linen it was made on.1988 It's a copy from 1888 sampler

This is a picture of it of course in the sun so you can see the colors better

I started this sampler once and ask a niece to finish it for me, she was about 10 and loved cross stitch so I gave her this for a project. 1994 

I did this sampler sort of free hand I just made it up , I did look at some pictures of letters to make the alphabet. I loved the little houses on the bottom. I even made a quilt squares with the little houses and sure I sold them at a  yard sale once because they aren't in any of the studio storage boxes. 1994

This I started off looking at a paper towel pattern I had. I bought every roll of paper towels  with this pattern on them.I always liked samplers and still do.. This is not framed just laying around the studio for me to look at it.                                                                         I am sure this was early 1990's

 Just more things in the studio. I am getting ready for the annual Indoor Garage Sale at our Holiday Inn West across from our Mall . It's Sunday February 5th noon till 3 pm . Last year it was held on a Sunday and it was the largest amount of people ever shopping.

Well I have got to get to work 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Around The Studio

I have had no enthusiasm to get anything done for the last 2 weeks. I still haven't got any greeting cards started and believe me I have plenty of paper and embellishments to add to the cards. I have a chest of drawers full and an white wicker armour plus several small decorative boxes full.Anyway I will get all fired up when the sun comes out .My sweet ladies from Germany I found at a yard sale for $3. Just wanted to show a few things I have sitting around that makes me happy. The little girls shirt has damage to her beautiful lace and the lady said that is why she was only $3.                                          

This is a card I embellished years ago. I think this is the first card I ever altered . I had gone to an estate sale and bought a big box of small plastic do dads like this green hat and airplane.

Love this sweet little girl,I added her a crown and the Blessed Mother charm

My shelf I bought at a yard sale once added the bottle brush tree and jar of beads ,rhinestone clothes pins
My little Nicol Sayre doll sitting on a bird nest,I think I'l add glitter to her nest ,she is holding a little glitter bird. behind her is a few Byers Carolers dolls and a tall Santos doll

I forgot to add in my newest Nicol Sayre doll that I bought in Lexington Missouri at a shop having a closing sale 50% off everything  

Believe me I have plenty to do and love all my treasures just need you to tell me to get it done LOL 

A look across the table I create on ,this was taken through a mirror across the room 

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