Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spent the day in an 1897 attic

My sisters house was built in 1897, and has the old time attic, which I love. I want her to turn it into an attic sewing room. However that more than likely won't happen now. So we cleaned it out and straighten things in neat piles. If you know what I mean. I threw down the little bitty narrow steps about 50 empty boxes. I know these were boxes of every thing they had bought for the last 10 years. I threw them down and my sister broke them down for the recycling box we filled an entire little trailer.
She also filled my car with yard sale items , I looked like a gypsy woman driving down the interstate home last night. so Saturday morning I am having a yard sale. I live on a busy street , and all I have to do is put things in the yard and people stop all day long. I may get pictures taken after I unload the car.

It has been rewired for safety I remember my brother in law telling me about an electrician working there a few years ago when they had central air and new furnace installed. However it looked really old to me.


This is what all the flooring looked liked which was very safe. Looking at the roof joints it didn't look real good.   It was cool up there all morning then about 1pm it was hot. Those were an old pair of sisters work boots I had my pretty lime green cowgirl boots on for a while anyway.

She had two of these old metal trunks filled with different things . I thought those would sell good but  I didn't tell her that because I knew she wasn't selling her husbands trunks or  anything of his. I can't believe this is all the pictures I took of the attic and all the treasures we were digging in. We was to busy for pictures I guess. She was so happy to get things organized.

  I was ready for a cup of coffee. Like my pretty new Trader Joe's coffee I bought Sunday. Of course I bought it for the gorgeous container  its paper also.
Love the french roast container. isn't that lady just so stylish?
This is a picture of one of my silver trays I  had outside once taking pictures I thought it looked good with the coffee lady.

Here is a little smocked dress I washed  up for the flea market. Some little  girl could wear this now. I mean it's cute enough to wear put little  cowgirl boots on her and a pair of pearls.

This is a picture of my little rusty wagon . The flowers won't last much longer because our evenings are really getting cooler quick. I think it is to be down to 49 this week.

Talking about little girls this is a picture I have hanging in my living room next to my pretty lady painting. This is not a painting, just a print. I am looking for a print or painting of  little boys now.

This is not a good picture too much reflection on the painting.

I didn't show you my new little vintage cracker tray I bought at Portland Expo last year., I am going to put my calling cards in it .                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Now this is something else i just love to collect, silver spoons.I have lots i guess you would say. I also have a drwaer with lots in it.
My sister sent home with me a lot of vintage silver plated silverware, forks, knives, and spoons. I better take them out to the flea market to sell.
 Oh and i just love my old round mirror trays these are setting on. I always look for them but they are so expensive now. I bought these at an auction for $17.50 each.
This wire coiled star a friend gave me and I am using it all year. It seems to be like something you would put on top of a Christmas tree.But it looks good sitting right here.  

 Some  pictures I took at Charleston South Carolina when I was there a few years ago.. The little English cabs were so cute and all the houses with their big porches. Also the last picture is an condo that was for sell close to the battery just 2 million.                      

 I  should have called them with a balcony instead of porches. porches sounds so country, which I am use to .

Here is the $$$$$$$$2 Million dollar apartment, that I wanted.



  1. What a pretty blog you have. Oh girl do I love Charleston. Its so nice to meet you and I'm following you too.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~~

  2. I'm new here too!
    And another "Follower"! :)
    I'm really enjoying your blog and great photographs!
    We had one of those wonderful little wagons with flowers in it,
    when we lived in PA in the 70s. Love it!
    I'll be back -

  3. Sounds like a fun day in the attic-makes me think of the show American Pickers!

  4. Hello!
    I was very happy that you was looking in to my blogg! I think you have very nice blogg and you have so match things here what I like, wonderful fotos! Heve a nice day!
    Love Sirpa

  5. Hi,
    thank you for your lovely comment! Jul is the scandinavian word for christmas.
    Hugs Barbara

  6. I had a dream last night about wandering in an old attic, I found great stuff up there, including peacocks...hey, I dream BIG!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Hi!
    How are you? I hope everything is fine!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Love Sirpa

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