Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slips In My Tree

I just love vintage slips and had several at one time. Still have a few. However  I notified a lady in California who dyes them and wears them for like a sun dress. She looks good in them. They are all small sizes. I mean like 36 38 bust size, but they looked smaller than a size 38 today.More like a 32 . This full figured lady can't get in that size. You know any body over size 14 is Full figured? I think I seen that on Oprah maybe , about our size. She had a model on size 12 who was modeling for a  clothing line for us full figured ladies. I haven't been a size 8 since High school or maybe grade school!!  Oh well enough about our figures.

 I believe the name of her blog is Glamarella Junk. She is out in sunny California. I would like  to go to some of those flea markets out there.I read a few blogs of ladies who live in California and they are always posting their wonderful finds from a day at the flea market.

These slips always remind me of my Grandmother, she always had a slip under her dress. Back in the day ladies wore dresses every day. Can any one remember that? The good ole days. As they say. I don't want to wear a dress & slip everyday. However I do love looking back at my child hood and remembering my Mother and Grandmother  all dressed up pretty. OK I need to get off this subject.

I had these hanging outside in my tree and  on my wood fence to photograph them for the  lady I sold them to. I am using this one for my background on my home computer.


  1. Those are so pretty! Very feminine:) I love watching old movies but I agree, having to do the housework in a dress doesn't sound appealing!

  2. Welcome to Blogland, Janice!!! It's looking really good...!!!! Love those old slips too!!

  3. Very pretty....brings back good memories, only...they are of me, not my Mom or Grandmother LOL...

  4. it's hot enough here for a slip-sundress ...


  5. i have seen where they die them, they are gorgeous!!! but you are right you have to be really slim to pull it off!

  6. Slips are so feminine - hardly exist now! I used to wear one as a dress in summer, to my m-i-l's dismay... when I had a waist!

  7. Looove them! It does bring back sweet memories, my Grandma always wore dresses too, and sometimes I saw her pretty slip showing! Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  8. I have seen that too...and it doesn't look that difficult - and I believe that material would die really nicely - a French blue would be perfect!

    Anne Marie

  9. If anyone is looking for a pretty vintage slip, I have them in just about any color your looking for. I sell them at a much more reasonable price than anyone else on the web, and they are all in excellent condition too. I have full slips and half slips, most are from the 70 & 80's, most are nylon, but I do have a few crepe, polyester, and satin ones too. Let me know. Email me at