Thursday, April 16, 2020

Home Girl

I guess all of us gals are home girls and the men home guys.
I have been entertaining  myself just fine.
I have been going through lots my table top decorating books.

Made me a mask out of my blue toile material.
Baking way to much however I have gave lots of it to one neighbor.

Anyone who knows me knows this is my favorite material. 
I would love to have a pantsuit made out of this.
Just saying LOL 

Below is a large comforter in my guess bedroom where no guest allowed now LOL 
I purchased it from a dear friend estate who passed away last year 

This sweet little gal hangs in my guest room also 

I only have my phone to take pictures with so she isn't as clear as I would like.

You have all seen this picture of these little girls before I'm sure. I bought this years ago before chippy was in style and a friend couldn't understand why I wanted it since sides of frames had chips on the frame.

 It's cold again,burr I was so happy to get out in 
my flower beds and dig around.
Now it's been down in the 30's at night. I covered some of my 
flowers I sure didn't want them froze
since I only had 5 blooms 

I hope you are all staying busy,I'm so happy I have lots of interest
and plenty of STUFF in my studio to keep me busy.
I have been looking through old favorite magazine also
and some of my favorite French decor books.
Let me know what you are doing to stay busy and happy

Joined in the fun at PINK Saturday 

Friday, April 10, 2020

Easter Weekend

I am enjoying the sun today even 
though it's cool outside, was down in the 30's
last night.
I have been trying to get a few pretties out for Easter 

I decorated these glitter eggs last year with rhinestone costume jewelry I bought little glitter eggs at Marshal's.I think.
I found these sugar eggs at an estate sale once

In the back ground of this picture is a card from 
my 4 grandsons who I haven't seen since first of March
It is very very sweet 

The inside of one of the vintage sugar eggs

Enjoy your Easter

I joined Pink Saturday