Saturday, July 30, 2016

Love White Paint

As all of you I have lots projects in piles all over the studio. I got a little bench painted and put it out on the front  porch. Then I have a spice cabinet I guess I got it back at JC Penney in 1995 and never have used it. I have the bigger Coffee Sugar Flour and Tea cabinet also that matches I painted  it white years ago and using it in the kitchen.
Anyway here is a little before and after shots of what I did with it . Anything looks better to me with white paint
 This has been on a bookcase in the studio just sitting for years waiting it's turn for paint haha
 I got this bench from a sweet little friend Gina
 I have this picture of it completed. I took a picture of it in front of my ribbon door I painted pink a few years ago however its blurry

 Then my oh so pretty pink shoes are for Pink Saturday

I went to an estate sale this morning and SO happy with my new treasure then just happened upon a yard sale where 2 gals were selling all vintage items ! I over spent my allowance,but I got awesome jewelry treasures to use for my next abalone shell bowl which I found at the estate sale this morning. I think I'll use all vintage pearls on my next shell bowl. You can see the one I gave a friend on this post. She loved it and I knew she would. She likes all my crazy art projects and I really appreciate her liking them also. Of all the ladies I know only one likes my Stuff LOL except for you bloggers I know you like my stuff LOL 

So glad it has cooled down a bit also

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Beaded Items

I have always loved old beads, meaning old beaded flowers, purses, clothing  or anything covered with gorgeous glass beads. I was at an estate sale this summer and found an odd pieces of white beading and had to have it. It just feels so good to hold. I like the feel of old material covered in beading like old vintage wedding dresses etc. I just think it's gorgeous
 I know your wondering why I'm showing my silver dome
 However this piece of beading goes right around my silver dome perfectly, just another way of entertaining myself .LOL .I have no idea what this piece of beading came off of since its in one continues piece? Would you have any idea? It's cut off something or maybe was just never finished for what it was intended for.I just know I really like it.
Then this is a sweet little beaded flower I clipped on a small beaded lamp shade and put my pearl tiara around it. It usually sets on a shelf in the studio
 Oh and I almost forgot my new beaded and velvet pillow I purchased at Pier One not long ago . I knew soon as I seen it I wanted it and it was going home with me. It an oblong pillow.

Gosh it's Hot here in Central Missouri and I don't like hot weather and don't do any outside activities while we are in this heat wave. I will water my flowers tonight after the sun goes down.

Last Saturday Gina and Bernideen and I  went on an all day hunt for vintage treasures however we all came home with a very small bags. Gina drove us over to Quincy Illinois where only one shop had real antiques and victorian items Gina was looking for. I purchased 2 calendar plates at a thrift store and I already forgot what Bernideen purchased, I'm sure she will tell you.It was a very nice day we had a wonderful lunch at Kelly's in Quincy. This was my first time meeting Bernideen and she is very sweet lady. Loved her style of clothes, glasses and her adorable lace socks 

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Baby Blue

I have been wanting to paint my make do buffet in my eat in kitchen for some time now. I seen a picture of a pretty baby blue chest and knew I wanted my chest to be blue also since this is my favorite color. I have 2 rooms in my house blue

I purchased this chest at at a thrift store years ago and always liked the swirl side decorative pieces, I have forgotten what it looked like when I got it. Sure a wood finish.

I got the mirror separate at a sale for $20 I do remember that. I feel like when you get something that reasonable of a price you can afford to paint it or whatever and not much money lost if you don't like it. But I like painted furniture

Here is my finished baby blue chest/buffet and mirror, my kitchen is white walls however this picture shows a yellow tint. I took it with my cell phone
 I had company Saturday and after they left I didn't want to go any where knowing I would spend money I shouldn't spend so I found a project to do inside. Which I have plenty of projects waiting.
I am a sloppy painter and always paint outside but with the humidity up in the 90's I though I can do this inside and try to be neat. I used an old tablecloth on my floor in the kitchen.
When I painted this yellow I sanded it to look worn in places and always like that look.Funny  story I had an electrician in my kitchen once to wire up a chandelier and he said Jan that piece really needs to be painted it looks ruff. I told him I made it look like that, he just didn't get that shabby chic look at all.
 I had already took a drawer out and painted it blue before I thought to do before and after pictures.
Below is the swirl legs I like
 I thought about sanding places on this also however two ladies said oh no it looks good like it is so guess I'll leave it. I like it plain also
I still may take some silver paint and highlight the flower medallions on the mirror. Or should I leave it all blue? This picture is when I was painting it you can see the yellow peeking through before I had it all done. I got it all painted in about an hour and half.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Grandma's Family

I have a picture I picked up at a sale someplace don't even remember where now. However it is a small picture 8 x 10  inch that I found in which a huge 24 x 36 inch print hung in my Grandmothers Doctors office. She had asked her doctor a couple times if he would sell her this picture  to her because it reminded her of her siblings.                                                
          She never got the picture from her doctors office even after he quit his practice                                                  
 The oldest girl would be my Great Aunt Ollie with her back to us, born 1904  then she is holding Grandma's twins brother and sister Art and Julia ,born about 1913,then the boys holding the twins hands would be my Great Uncle Jim and Herb. My Grandmother born 1907  would be the little girl facing . The name of this picture is Ring Around The Posy
I have a small picture of my Grandparents in this little billfold size frame from about 1952 sitting by it now.

I must get this framed and I always wanted to write names across the children in this picture representing my Grandmothers brothers and sisters. This is about the ages my Grandmother's and her siblings were when her Mother died in childbirth. The twins were under 2 years in. Her Mother was Rosa Williams and is buried in Charleston Missouri.
I am so glad I remember her telling me this story and how this picture touched her heart.
My maternal grandparents were very dear to me my entire life. Grandpa Baker died when I was 17 and Grandma died when I was 48.
I am up in years now however I still feel like Grandma's girl

Gosh did it storm here this morning, high wind and hail and a huge dead branch fell out of a tree at the back of my house and tore my phone cable away from my house. So of course waiting on repair man to come out and fix it. Possibly Friday sometime I was told ( tomorrow). Shingles on my roof tore off waiting on roofing company to call me with a date they can come out.

I took these picture with my iphone then sent them to my email as I was informed by a couple sweet bloggers. They are much clearer on my computer than posted.

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