Friday, May 27, 2016

Alice Through The Looking Glass

I was watching QVC when they had Heidi Daus on ,love her jewelry and they were promoting and advertising the new movie Alice Through The Looking Glass. Well I was moving things around in the studio as usual looking for something and spotted this clock of Alice In Wonderland I bought years ago at a sale. It made me think of the new movie of course and I needed something to blog about so here it is. The movie just opened this Friday (today)


As a child the first movie I ever seen was Alice In Wonderland.It was at my school and it scared me to death and I started crying when Alice fell down the rabbit hole, It still haunts me because I can remember how scared I was. I was a little country girl never even seen TV yet( 1951)first grade . I did get to set by my teacher ,since I was the only child crying and scared. Also I was to young to go to school at age 5
 I was a delicate child back then haha ,really

I might go to the movie this weekend however I wanted to plant more flowers in my beds and paint a couple items. This is my fancy pink glitter bird by the clock, I moved it over to fancy things up a bit

I also had a cat to set by it not as neat as the cheshire cat in the moving
 This all looks very unorganized but it's not in real life haha humor me tell me i'm right ?
  I like the looks of the rabbit but not this old man on the clock face

So are you going to see the movie? Alice Through The Looking Glass? Have a good Holiday weekend stay safe eat a lot of good food

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Button Finds

For you all that don't collect historical pretty unusual buttons or at least admire them, this might be interesting to you?
I attended the Missouri Button Club for the very first time and found some wonderful buttons to purchased after we looked at all the Winners of Buttons entered in the contest.

There was buttons there I had never dreamed would be up in the hundreds of dollars.Of course the ones that caught my interest were $495-$795 can you believe that?? Now these buttons were portrait buttons of pass Queen and royalty

       These knot buttons for lack of their proper names  is some I purchased                                                        

 This was the first time I had seen any of this type of buttons all looking like pretty swirls or knots
 They are all celluloid buttons very light weight
 I can just see these buttons on a smart ladies suit jacket from the 1950-1960;s
 The yellow swirls I already had and thought they fitted in this family of buttons

 Gorgeous buttons, I was not disappointed in attending this button show for the first time. This was all my new buttons I purchased . Buttons in the poke boxes ranged from one dollar each to ten dollars each. Oh I purchased some larger mother of pearl buttons also  for one dollar each, size of half dollar

Each Dealer had large amounts of buttons on cards to sell then each had a button poke box on their tables where you could dig through and find a special button. The dealer I purchased all of these from had just removed them from display cards and added to their Poke boxes where you poke through. It was very fun 

This is a Victorian perfume button where Victorian ladies would dab perfume to the velvet of the button and pin it on her clothing to help with the smells of the streets before sanitation in city streets.

Even if you're not into buttons I hope you thought this was interesting . Which was your favorite button? 

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Latest Sale Finds

Yes I finally found my camera. It was in a cross body bag I very often use, however I took it on my last trip to the city and didn't use it and didn't know I had put my camera in it.I was going for a walk and needed a bag to put my phone and house keys in for my walk, and went to get this bag and there was my camera! yeah after 2 weeks looking for it haha

I wanted quickly show you some of my latest estate sale finds and yard sale find in St Louis

Here is a couple of reproduction  staffordshire dogs that I found very charming and price was very reasonable $6.25 for pair. It was 75% off day sale.I have always just purchased the very old one but I thought what the heck they are cute and I have them on an old dish cabinet in the kitchen

 I got these 4 cups for one dollar each I have them in a  small cabinet full of small treasures
 This is a set of flatware I got in St Louis yard sale for $20 I just have always liked this pattern. I have a very nice set of Coronation  I use for my silverware but got this anyway, Ill use it for a girls luncheon. I don't know the pattern name? However I'm sure it Shell something.Do you know?
 It came with serving pieces copy of Shell and Thread by Tiffany just found pattern name
 My girly luncheon plates a daughter gave me once

I added a few tiny string of lights in an old cabinet .There sets my Eiffel Tower salt and pepper I got in Paris airport last year 

Thanks for looking at my pictures I am so happy to have my camera back

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pretty Tea Tiles

 As you can tell I haven't posted since my St Louis trip shopping with my daughter and I think I lost my camera someplace on that trip? Anyway I can't find it in this house where I hang out.
So i'm looking back through old picture just to write a post.
Hopefully the camera will show up. I have been wanting a better camera but sure didn't want to spend the money for one I would rather spend that much money on a trip someplace.

These picture are of what I call tea tiles ,which  you set your hot tea pot on. Instead of sitting right on your table.I always liked the ones with ladies faces. I haven't used them for some time. Sort of like a hot pad. Very Victorian 

Always anything with the sweet little blue birds is desirable to have 
I always like the ones with ladies  on them 
 And then there is roses

Happy Mother's Day to all us Mothers 

I'll keep looking for my camera, I just remembered I have an old digital camera someplace in this house so going to look for it. I am great at sticking things in drawers and not remembering which drawer upstairs or downstairs? 

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