Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Morning

Just a quick Good Morning

The sun is out for this beautiful  Easter morning, going out to look for Jesus eggs LOL maybe a few Bunny eggs

My Easter colored chairs in the studio


Just wanted to post something new for today


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lace Covered Lamp Shades

 As I was looking around at all the fabulous blogs this week I seen where A lady had covered a lamp shade with an old vintage crocheted piece and it was so pretty., sort of like Magnolia Pearl's clothing line.I thought heck I have boxes of vintage lace I think I will try that. So walked around the house and studio to spot my project and started with my little blue & white teapot lamp. I had forgotten I even had this little lamp it was in my bedroom on a dresser for a long time and I recently moved it to the living room on a little black chest coming in my front door.Anyway here it is

I was trying to decide which lace I would use , I loved the one on top of shade but didin't have enough to use it . I also went and cut up my wedding dress to use that lace and it was just to heavy a lace for this small shade.


I decided to use some of my ecru colored lace for this shade , my caroler that I recently redressed  was setting on my work table to encourage me that I could do this LOL she is redressed in some of my vintage lace

Here we go , with my favorite sharpest scissors I have, a friend bought these for me at the Paducah Kentucky quilt show one year I didn't go
Finished I thought

Then I wanted to add some trim to top of the shade

Shade with light on , This took about 30 minutes to complete


      light off , It was a quick  fulfilling project , I bought this little lamp about 10 years ago at a store named Inside Outlet, however it's not in Columbia any longer, it was the best darn store for furniture, rugs and lamps , I have several items from that store.

My pictures are much better if you click on them, Lighting in my house has a lot to be desired, thanks xoxo

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Eiffel Tower Painting

 I am going to show you the Eiffel Tower as I had never seen it painted. There is a new studio in Columbia where you can go take a  3 hour painting class, and paint an art piece. This class just took 2 1/2 hours
I went with my youngest daughter  Thursday evening for the first time and painted the Eiffel Tower , we both painted it . She had gone before and knew I would like it

Of Course you start off with a blank 16 x 20 inch canvas , this is the background for the Eiffel Tower, really


 You paint streaks of yellow then dark gold then green & white , I got a little red mixed in my brush by mistake however it turned out to my liking
Here is my set up , we just put our paint on a paper plate , and had a ball fruit jar for our water for our brushes

I KNOW this doesn't look like anything good , however stay with me as the painting instructor said , we used 3 different brushes for this art piece

TAAAAAA DAAAAAA THe Eiffel Tower By Janice


I had to sign mine


        OK Now here is the instructors version we tired to follow , first time I had ever painted anything beside furniture LOL I should probably not show it then you won't see I was a LITTLE off LOL


 It was lots of fun and I needed something new in my life to enjoy, for you gals & guys who like a little wine while painting to take the curve off your nerves , there is a wine & beer bar.

I just ran across an old post last year about some glass eggs I got at an estate sale                                      

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Prom Dress for sale

 I have decided to sale this wonderful dreamy prom dress , hoping some girl will actually  wear it this year for prom, or some lady wear it to a Ball or party
However if your a dress collector this is the one to add to your collection also.

I was thinking of  Rachel Ashwell and all her beautiful dresses , I am sure she ask more than $100 for a dresses

This is a strapless sweetheart top as seen in the picture, very good condition, no tears or stains. I think it's a 1960's dress


On the inside label it says Made in USA , size 9/10, However I am sure today's sizes it's a maybe size 6. The bust is 34-35 the waist 26 and it's 52 inches long. I didn't measure real careful just a quick measurement so if your really interested i'll go measure again , and get an accurate measurement , which I should have done first place but I'm always in a hurry to get to the next job or someplace 

This is the back of the dress with a sweet silk ribbon down the back

This top looks like a sweet cupcake

She is not standing in the prettiest spot in the studio but light is very limited here on these cloudy days 


This is a picture I took for the Dress Form Ball we attended 
I had the dress over a vintage hoop skirt

In my last post I showed you my vintage rosaries , well here is where they hang down from a chandelier over one of my work tables in the studio, among lots of other things I like to look at on a daily pace for inspiration.
I missed a post on a blog where they were showing their messy studios's so this is an after thought , which would have fit right in LOL

Click on the pictures to make larger
And another bunch old treasures all setting on top of my TV , I had a 36 inch glass top for a table and using it on my TV so I can get more treasures setting there. My african  violet is blooming, always reminds me of my Grandmother, she always had african  violets . Also here sets my redressed lady in her Downton Abby outfit
I leave my wire tree up year round with mt vintage Santas' on it , there is also a lot of cookie cutters on it 

Well i'm off to work so we'll talk later . Today is my friend Jo's Birthday  

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Treasures & Vignettes

  I am in a hurry this morning and want to get a post up before I leave for a family event. I am always early for any event however this morning Mom may be a little late 30 minutes is all.

I have just a few things of Easter beside my Bible and plastic bunnies  I have picked up several rosaries at auctions in boxes with other items and have just always kept them and they hang from my chandelier over my studio table , anyway my main table

They really look better hanging together to me . I was telling one sister about them , so of course she wants one for herself since they are vintage rosaries

This one I believe is beautiful rubies ?The picture above the one on the far left is very light weight and the glass one on the far right is very heavy, maybe crystals? The green rosary is for St Patrick;s Day

I had best get myself ready to leave and I have about 25 miles to drive. I have more Easter pictures I will post later in the week

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my girls going to the Dress Form Ball on my previous post


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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Dress Form Ball

Today  (Sunday)I was trying my best to get some good pictures of my girls, my mannequins so I could join in over at The Polka A Dot Closet  Ball  where she is having a Dress Form  Ball on Monday tomorrow March 11th

It is a very rainy gloomy day here in central  Missouri and I couldn't get the best pictures but the girls are ready to show off there best dresses, well some of their best dresses.
This first one is a 1960's pink chiffon with lace & bows beautiful dress , I would say in perfect condition for the age . The label inside says 9/10 however it is a small 9/10 made in USA , don't see that much on clothing anymore.

This mannequin I call wire lady since she is a black metal wire form

Don't ya love the sweet heart neckline? click on to make pictures larger to see the pale pink color of this gown

This is my first mannequin I bought for $25. and on her body is a label Sally Stitch , so that's her name
She is dresses in retro lace dress and most of her pearls and some vintage lace

    She's standing in the east door trying to get a little light on her, I put her button collar on for this picture

Then there is the bride mannequin which you can't see very well for her attire

This wedding dress is going to get cut up for the lace and a friend wants a piece of the train or dress for a bride quilt piece she is working on . A friend gave me this , found in a house she bought and had no use for a wedding dress, I said Oh I will play with it . No need to try and sell it because a bride always wants her own dress, so it's going in the material , lace pile  .     The veil and pearl tiara I bought at a bridal shop going out of business
If you click on this picture to make it bigger, I think it's just dreamy


 I almost forgot about the home made ball gown on wire lady, LOL I just wrapped material round and round added a lace sash and the lace button collar

 I hope you'll all check out the other dress forms at the party


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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Special Buttons

Since buttons are one of my favorites in the studio and my last post of buttons was sweetly accepted, I thought I would show a few more , some may have made their day-view last year but I can always look at more buttons, can't you button gals?

These first buttons are very special to me , They belonged to Ruth, an elderly neighbor whom I feel in love with. Ruth lived next door and was 97 when she died about 5 years ago.
She gave me these buttons out of her sewing cabinet because she knew I collected pretty buttons. These were off of one of her favorites suites back in the 50's  she wore to work at one of the city offices where she worked. She said back then ladies all wore suites, hose & high  heels to work every day . Ladies dressed very proper back then.
I work at a university now and ladies wear tennis shoes and sweatshirts or work out clothes to work!

These are in a jar by themselves with her name in jar so I won't forget where I got them. The white beaded piece is off her wedding dress

I collect mostly white or rhinestone buttons however I think these yellow celluloid buttons are just great

That is a rhinestone button laying on the large white button

I know all of us button people have lots jars of white buttons, however I never get tired of looking and playing with them LOL

I have had a good day at home today , after church and eating with the breakfast club LOL I came home and took a nap

Think I'll have a cup hot tea and one or two of my home made chocolate chips cookies I made yesterday

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