Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year

I am home today taking down decorations and looking at this messy house LOL. I am just glad to be home today and enjoy being in my pajamas all day putting things away on my own time
This is a little post card I made I think a couple years ago? Just wanting to say hoping for another Happy New Year with friends and family and my cat Shirley




Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Quilt

Hi Everybody

I am busy and about like everyone else and as usual get stressed out so I have decided not to stress and just let a few things go until I have time, like a new post

Looking through some old pictures I found my red & white flying geese quilt  picture so showing it again, I use it for a tablecloth at Christmas . I bought this at a yard sale several years ago and just love it still

My little Christmas candles 

 OK lovely people I am on my way to get other things done , have a great Merry Christmas with your families and eat lots of good fating things, ENJOY


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Monday, December 3, 2012

Tree in a Boot

Well I am behind in decorating for Christmas, however I am not having anyone over till December 23rd so I have some time left.
Since I can't lift any thing of weight I decided to give away my 7ft prelite tree. I put it on craigslist yesterday under the free column and it wasn't 30 minutes and a man in a  truck picked it up. My son in law and grandson got it out on the curb for me . Now I have a choice of using 3 silver trees or a 6ft white flocked tree and think I will use all of them LOL

This little red boot has a hole in it or it would still be in use by a little boy who loves to walk in water  . It was given to me to use for my hen & chicks but I decided to work it into my Christmas theme up on one dish cabinet 

This is my paper calendar reindeer under my large cloche 

favorite Christmas picture


This is a Christmas picture taken in 1951 I was 5 years old my Mother was expecting my sister and this was my rich cousin (LoL) with me & my brother under the tree. I was always amazed they would come to the country for Christmas since they lived in St Louis Missouri , the city where Santa was at Famous Barr , didn't know that for a few years

Marilou & I both got a doll and the doll buggy was mine , this is what I can really say was Back In The Day
Marilou and I got reacquainted a couple years ago and I ask her if she hated coming to our country house in Mt Vernon Illinois for Christmas and leaving her beautiful house where she had a white canopy bed in her own bedroom?( That is what I remembered about my aunt & Uncles house in the city) She said no coming to our house was her best memories of Christmas. That warmed my heart        

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