Thursday, September 27, 2012

Taking a break because

Hi guys I am down in my back and it has taken almost 2 weeks for me to able to sit . I am trying my best to sit long enough to let you know whats going on . I miss my daily running around the Internet to  all my favorite blogs

I get another steroid injection in my back tomorrow and hope it really kicks in fast . I have 2 ruptured  & herniated disks and of course pinched nerves goes along with this . It's been awful painful.
Hope to be back in another week


Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Treasures

 First I won this wonderful on canvas art piece by Laurie , her blog is Indulge Yourself I was so excited to get it . She does wonderful art and is another Button Floozie . I just got home from a friends and she gave me a few old buttons can't wait to play with them LOL You button gals know what  I am talking about first one I seen in the bag had RHINESTONES on it OMG !!!LOL

Lorene is 97 and I went out and vacuumed he house because she is having her bridge club over. Can you believe 97and still playing bridge , bless her heart. I offered to help her , she had told me couple weeks ago she couldn't push her vacuum,.


Thanks again Laurie

I went to St Louis with a girl friend Monday Labor day and found a wonderful jewelry box with little cupids on it . We hit a few thrift stores and the Galleria , guess which place I had more fun? Yup . the thrift  stores.
I did resist coming back home this morning not to stop at Goodwill LOL

I had to take one of my little suit cases full of vintage lace outside to get a good picture in the sun. I just loves my lace and the little jewel box looks so sweet on the lace. In that stash of lace is a cuff cut off an old dress with the snap on it and everything. I just realized that today I am going to sew on some MOP or rhinestone buttons on it and wear it for a bracelet.

I am working still on getting my ETSY page going , I just haven't set down long enough to figure it out , any advice is welcomed?

Anyway I am going to show some Mother of Pearl knives in their  original box , the box has the old antique  snap locks love them also as much as the knives, I am a box collector also

Getting back to the subject of the cupid hinged jewel box , what would you say is a great price for it? I bought one at an estate sale once and gave $35. I know that is  lot but I have seen them lot pricier 

well need to get busy my house needs my attention      

Linky parties I am going over to visit