Thursday, May 31, 2012

My pyrex finds

 This will be short and sweet. I am trying to get ready for a yard sale Saturday morning and have lots of things but nothing priced and I always seem to wait till the last minute then panic.

I went to 3 resale shops while in St Louis last Monday after the Gypsy Caravan flea market. My friend suggested we go to some resale shops.
I found these 3 pyrex bowls at such a good price I couldn't leave them and they are not even a color I buy, I like the pink, turquoise, lime green. But they now live with all the other clutter I bring home and set either in the studio or on my kitchen cabinet till I can find another spot for them

You know it's a sickness LOL why couldn't I just leave them for someone who likes olive green pyrex? My Mom  had these once guess that's why I was attracted to them ? She even had the kitchen utensils that matched .
Today Is June 1st would have been my Mom & Dad's /stepdad 55 th anniversary. I miss them both .They married when my sister and I was very little in age .





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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday flea market finds

I was up early and out to Artichoke Annie's to look around at the open air flea market. I was so proud of myself for not spending the my  grocery money on new treasures. LoL  Have you ever done that ? Well I have several times in my life, and still over weight

Anyway I found some red & white some call them pink & white plates , whatever I like them and sure some of you all do also.
There was some good booths set up. I talked to one man from Iowa and he said they were going onto Gypsy Caravan in St Louis Missouri for Monday the 28th. I am going also with a friend and have talked to others who are going. It's a big flea market on University of St Louis Campus off Natural Bridge Road.

I will just show you all some pictures of these little lunch plates they have a calendar of a certain year one each plate, some are marked staffordshire, some meakin. One has it's original price that was sold at Tedford florist in Moberly Missouri $1.75. I gave $1.00 each today . I have 5 now
I am going to use them for salad plates with some of my white plates and will spice things up and use with my blue & white dishes also



each plate has a different house scene on it , this is my favorite below




Now with my calico plates. I just spent $6 today I also bought some shinny brite Christmas balls in a $2.00 sack

I wish we had this flea market more often, just twice a year, last year they did  it 3 times I set up all 3 times, however I sold my flea market car so don't have a way to carry treasures out there any more.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

The winner Is

The winner of my 1st giveaway , the new cookbook named
Back In The Day Bakery from Savannah Georgia is ta-dah

Enter a number:

I entered a number bewtween 1-42


LuLu KelloggMay 17, 2012 9:18 AM was number 20 in my comments , so Miss LuLu get me your address
I wish I had one for everyone because it's such a great cookbook and story book
I hope you enjoy this cookbook even if you don't cook the stories are wonderful  . If you ever get to the bakery be sure and tell them you won their cookbook on my blog, they will love it            


Saturday morning I went to a few yard sales with my neighbor
and I found a couple things I can use and then I found this little table for $4.00 and just couldn't pass it up. The original varnish is still on it and it is all crackled up , but I don't need another table in my small house so will play with it a while , like try to paint it white then put it in my yard sale, sounds silly but it's called self entertainment LOL
I like the round pedestal  a lot , wish I had some of that Annie Sloan paint all the gals are talking about



then I found a sea shell wind chime for $1.00 and a  large flower pot that has a crack in it but I like the lion heads on it and I figured the crack will just help it drain when I over water , right?

  I put miniture zinna 'sin it                                                                       

I hung this first on my wood fence with my old rusty tin flag but then moved it under my tree by my patio where I hang my lace curtains , that reminds me I need to get them out , because no rain in the forecast

Also I wanted to let you all know there is a huge outdoor flea Market in St Louis Missouri Monday the 28th
It's called Gyspy Caravan 
check it out and meet me In St Louis 


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Monday, May 14, 2012

My 1st Giveaway

Hi everybody, I have been busy all weekend however I wanted to get this giveaway posted.
This is the first time I have had a giveaway and don't have one of those generator counters on my blog, so will have to figure that out , any help will be appreciated. I can always have someone draw for me a neighbor or co -worker.

Anyway please leave me a comment and tell me if you have ever visited Savannah Georgia and really if you have gone to the Back In The Day Bakery on Bull st. I am  sure some of you Savannah gals have gone down there for some pastry or cup cakes ? tell us all if you have

Cheryl & Griff Day have been on book tours , maybe you have seen them on QVC or the Martha Stewart Show. or the Paula Deen show .I went to Nashville to one of their book signing at the Parnassus book store in Green Hills area
They had a book signing at The Paris Market also in Savannah , I love that store, they have a blog it's on my side bar

Cheryl has some great advice and information and great stories through out the book about her and Griff, how they met etc.If you don't win you just gotta go get a copy of this book. I read it like a novel LOL

back cover

When I first met Cheryl at her bakery I had read about her on another blog so knew who she was when I walked in the bakery.
After my trip down there that year before she had started her cook book I sent her some old kitchen items because I knew she loved pyrex and old kitchen gadgets.
So when she wrote her cookbook OMG she added a  couple items I had sent her in the previous year
On page 100 is the pie tin and on page 9 is the pink ice cream scoop I sent her. She loves Pink

Well get your name in the drawing and good luck. If you don't have a blog please leave your email address

I am
going to a Cardinals  baseball game in St Louis they are playing the Chicago Cubs  and then diner on The Hill in St Louis Missouri.
I am sure it will be fun , going with a group of ladies and few men from my church .(update)

Game was good Cardinals won and we ate at FAVAZZA's on the patio and it was wonderful

This cookbook was sent to me from Cheryl & Griff  Day's publicist, Amy especially for this giveaway ( I feel special )

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Treasures

I was not going to go yard sailing today however I thought why not.
My neighbor and I are piling up things in our living rooms and great rooms to have a yard sale then here I am out driving around town buying more stuff LOL

Oh well this is things I collect and tuck away like another ironstone platter, soon as I seen it I knew it was mine


          Isn't she pretty?          12x16 inches

Then at another sale I found this brown & white transferware pitcher  . I just sold a lot of my brown & white ironstone to a lady , but this was to good to pass up $3.00, so I'll start another collection


7 1/2 inches tall and would hold a quart of anything good to drink

 Then OMG I found this lamp !! I see antler things everywhere in decorator books and magazines and pricey , NOT this one . So I drug it home and more than likely it will be either in flea market sale of mine or ? for who ever wants it , guess I could paint it all white and set it in the studio , but where in the world would I set it ?  It was just to reasonable priced to let it stay behind




      Now wouldn't you have brought it home for 50 cents????????

Then I passed another sign and said to myself I need to get home , because I am having a small diner party tonight just 3 of us anyway I am sooooo glad I stopped because these 3 ladies had all Chico clothing and 2 large tables of Chico jewelry . I love Chico jewelry so I bought a lot for myself , made me happy. They had lovely furniture and an elegant glass table with tall stools , but I was very happy with my finds for the day.

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