Monday, November 28, 2011

Gold fish on my wall

Recently I had rearranged my red wall in my office. Now I added a couple more items which is 2 gold fish I  purchased in Savannah Georgia at the store The Paris Market. I thought I would put them on the door in my bathroom which is how they were displayed in the store. I think they look great on the red wall  with the other gold frames etc

before  the fish

fish added

I thought well they look good with the other gold frames etc so here there are swimming up the wall

       My new silver table found it at Tuesday Morning. I found this before Thanksgiving week and just piled it full of treasures setting it next to a window for the time being. Making room for my Christmas tree in the big window . This table has a glass top

Also remember where I showed my chandelier in my bedroom

I found 4 little pink silk shades at The Market Place antique mall here in town . I had won a $10.00 gift certificate so got them 1/2 price

 Now it's time to get the Christmas decor out and start decorating. My son in law brought my large tree up to my living room for me so now I am excited to get it decorated then on to my white tree for the office , then the little silver tree for my bathroon, then the large silver tree with the color wheel for the studio.  I love Christmas decorations and have an entire closet downstairs under my steps full plus more in the walk in closet downstairs which use to be a small  bedroom

Ya all be sure and check out this post by Richard it's a house he redesigned for a historic house in Louisiana Missouri. A few weeks ago the owners ask me to spend the weekend with them.I did a post also of the house . My Historic Old House
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

I always like having Thanksgiving at my house I know it's lots of work however it gets the family over which I love it .

     I have my Kaffe Fassett material on the table I believe its large kale leaves not sure what other leaves are on it  . I think the colors are wonderful

My coffee tray ready for deserts
I hope you all have a great day , get your belly full of good home cooked food and pumpkin pie

Best dishes from my house to ya all's

Gobble Gobble                                 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Ottoman

I have had this material for a couple years OK 4 years and have had a piece draped across an ottoman I picked up at a yard sale and had always wanted it  covered  to match my settee. So my friend who lives in a town not many miles away volunteered to come over and upholstery  my ottoman for me. I was thrilled because we had talked about doing this for 2 years however just never could get the time together . So she came over with the electric staple gun and got it done for me.


I couldn't decide which way I wanted the skirt or which  fringe I  wanted. I had a red fringe and also a blue so we pinned both up so I could compare


red trim

The red won because I thought it brought out the other red in the toile material

 JO worked all day on this I was her assistant I ironed and did the sewing after I got a machine working . I have 3 sewing machines and brought my little 1948 Singer featherweight up to the kitchen however the bobbin kept knotting up. So I used my craft machine to sew with.

This is one of the pillows. I have materail to make more

I know this materail has been around a few years but I love it so much just like my Waverly countryside blue & white toile I have in my bedroom which has been around a few years also. I don't think toile ever goes out of style just like anything french

finished by JO. I relly like the large pleats

 We started this about 10am and finished in time to attend a ladies night out at McAdmas LTd a gift and antique shop here in town. I had recieved an invitation and thought she would enjoy it.  They had fine wine of choice and hors D'oeuvres also if you found a loose diamond (cz's) laying around you won a gift certificate according to the size of the stone found. I found a stone and turned it in for a $20.00 certificate and Jo and I looked and looked to find her one. Several had been found and was getting worried they were all taken, I suddenly turned up a beautiful glass in the crystal area of the store and there was another stone for Jo . I had her turn it in and she recieved a $20.00 gift certificate also.  We looked around the store for some time dreaming of what we could use our small certificate towards. we did find a $69.00 dollar item she liked and also a $19,00.00 dollar blue aqua marine stone  necklace, so we put them on her Wish List that will be turned over to her husband for Gentlemen's night HA . Her husband will die when he see's her list LOL Oh well it was much fun however her husband does a great job on buying specail gifts for her so I shouldn't say he will die , he may just get it for her . One time when I worked at a fine jewelry store I showed him a beautiful diamond ring she liked and she wears it now.

I need to get my Thanksgiving table set now because I have a busy week ahead

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Crown

Hi ya all I told you I had my picture taken with Nicole Johnson's Miss American 's crown on .
I recieved this picture in the mail today so wanted to show it off. I had never met a Miss America before it was so lovely and to have lunch with her also

Also today is my birthday  ( 11-17 )so have gone to Jefferson City Missouri to spend the day with family, eating and shopping.

xoxo Janice


Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Red Wall

I think I mentioned I was going to rearrange my home office wall with a great picture I found at the GW and it just didn't have the wow factor when I put it in there so today I rearranged  the entire wall again. I think all my odds and ends that have a gold patina looks so much better.
First here is the blank wall or as they say in home decorating shows , a blank canvas.

It took me 2 hours to get all these frames and mirrors back on the wall

I didn't have room for this mirror I purchased in St Louis  GW once so just hung it on the door. I do unusual things like this
I used all mt footed mirrors on this little chest. It was already painted blue so going to leave it this color till spring . Then it will be black

    See the extra candle laying on this frame?                                                  

The little frecnh  provincial chest is something new I have drug home lately. I think it is to big for this spot but going to be satisfied with it for now

I am going to bring my leopard rug back up to this room it is in the studio under one of my creating tables. And have the tray ready for some hot tea

I had several Pug pictures up here and still love them even though Sissy is gone I am keeping her pictures up > Her large picture is in my bedroom now                                                              
     I like this little cloth pug

Looks good to me since it was so much work
      I purchased this feather wreath at Joann's last week                                                           

  This is my next project to makes drapes for the yellow  bedroom

  I am looking for a large red & white checked material to mix with these because I have a red area rug in this room . It will look good together if the reds match

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Restore Interiors

I wanted to mention that it is 11-11-11 Vetrans Day besides just 11-11-11

My niece  Jessica was in Iran for 18 months and made it home safe

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lunch with Miss America

Well what a day I went out to the Marriott hotel with Emma and we had lunch with Nicole Johnson Miss America 1999!!!!!!!!!

I also had my picture taken  with her crown on. I was so excited !! but I am always excited about all my adventures. That is on my bucket list to enjoy life. Anyway her assistant said it would be about 2 weeks before I  received my picture in the mail. I will post it even if I look awful. I am just not photogenic like some people. Oh well  no big deal

The University of Missouri Cosmopolitan International Diabetes and Endocrinology center sponsored it . since I am a patient I got an invitation and so did my good neighbor Emma so away we went. Since I don't have her picture yet here is a picture of her book.

I am trying to rearrange my office and  thought I would work on it when we got home and I have worked on it . I have been looking at the mess . I have everything off the wall because I purchased a large picture of library books and love it. however it just doesn't look as good on my red walls as my gold items. so I am in the process of hanging everything back where it was. I will try hanging the large picture 4ft x 4ft on my bedroom wall .
This was my inspiration picture I want the velvet sofa also. ( I want a lot) have you noticed


Here is a couple small pillow I purchased to go on my green leather chair I have in the room . Also some of the things laying in the chair I am putting back up on the wall where they were previously                                           

Then as I move into my bedroom I got my toile valanced and  curtains back up. I moved the rods up closer to the ceiling because I like lots of light in my rooms and by moving the valances up it let more light in. That is the day I cried twice (LOL) , I would get one end up and the other would fall. None of my neighbors were home to help me .

The mirror behind my night stand was my Grandmother's . This  was the only mirror we had in our house when I was a child , except for the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Maybe this is why I have a mirror in every room even the kitchen ? hadn't thought of that before

Then I moved my new antique needlepoint stool in on the bed  while I was moving things around and an old pair of soft black leather ladies Victorian boots and also a small beaded bag

My pretty blue and white made in England chamber pot . I keep my flashlight in it

Have you ever seen the book by Barbara Streisand? Oh my gosh there is some beautiful pictures in that book. It's all about her house. I want an aubusson pillow so bad and she has about 6 on every sofa even an aubusson rug in her dressing room .  Name of her book is Passion For Design
maybe your local library has it , check it out .
well I am going to hammer another nail in the wall and get these things back where they look good.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Got Mail

I did a button swap with Button Floosie my new friend was Roz who lives in Australia and I recieved my box from her today . She had it wrapped in my favorite material toile . She even sent me an Australia key chain which I was thrilled to get the extra gift.

What a cute tin with the little handel on top and she decorated it so fun. Thanks Roz again . She did a very good job and feel like I was outdone LOL              
Wasn't it nice of Roz to send me this gorgoeous piece of materail? I think so
twall ya all

  Then I purchased this grand old victorian needlepoint beaded footstool from Vanna at delusion of grander                and it came today  I was in the drive way sweeping a million leaves and here comes the UPS man.

I'm going to use it ontop of a dresser if it will fit may be to wide.I can always put it in the middle of my old iron bed and display it that way. I really like the little round wooden gold feet. I have it on an ottoman in my living room just to show it off


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