Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ballerinas In My Downstairs

I got started dragging out boxes and you know how that is a big mess but it is so rewarding after it's done. In some of my pictures you can see boxes I didn't get moved out of the way. But you understand. I didn't know what I was going to put on this silver  tree I found last year at an antique store. I really bought it for one of my sisters who wanted it. But she changed her mind . So I kept it.


I decided to hang my doll prom dress with all the pink
I bought this little ballerina  tu tu at my neighbors yard sale her little girl had grown out of it but I hadn't. I wanted a tu tu

I think I have showed about every angle So now need to start on the kitchen tree , however I am having second thought about a tree in my dining room because it is so  small in there and I have several girls coming over maybe I better rethink this and put the tree in my office where the rooms meet they could see it from the kitchen if they peek in my office I will make sure they look. LOL                                                             


OK better get another box of ornaments out. I have a closet downstairs under my steps full of Christmas decorations. Why do I change every year my ideas I need to just use the same deco every year and it would be so easy. I use to only use Hallmark metal ornaments now not sure where they are all at.

These 3 glass trees are downstairs in the studio. I really love them and had them upstairs in the kitchen last year . I just have so much up now they wouldn't be noticed so they can stay where they are.

      I really like this old purple glass tree topper but would never put it on any of my trees but had to keep it so I stuck it in a cubby hole shelf with other things       

    I like 3 dimensional cards and this is Anna Griffin from last year, I have several boxes of cards that I just love the paper some of them I reuse for altered art
    Here is a few pieces of my pearl handled silverware I am looking for forks I always find knives everywhere but I guess the forks are rare I need spoons to match also. I just like the vintage ones

When I had all my silver spoons out showing them these littlesilver  guys got left out of the picture



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Out of drawers and suitcases Also my first tree up

I didn't realize I had so many plates around my house till I was looking for my Thanksgiving turkey plates. I had dishes where no one else would store them. Like in a chest of drawers. In my highboy top drawer. Under my bookcase that closes. In my desk and suitcases.

                      I love these yellow calico dishes there is only cups and saucers and lunch plates that match

These brown transfer ware cups were waiting to be tucked away someplace so the turkey dishes could come out. My guests don't drink coffee

                                                          This is an old calendar plate  1975



                I have these pretty pink plates hanging in my kitchen


                   Someone bought me these 4 plates for a birthday present one year

                                                                  So girly

                                        This little flower pot was sitting with the calico dishes

below is just a picture of things sitting on my counter                                                                
 here's my vanilla sugar jar, it sure smells good my old judge coffee jar has pecan's in it
  I have chocolate chips in the jar with the pink ribbon(which someone told me is a pitiful choice for a ribbon) I am ready to make Christmas candy and cookies

               little painted spoon I got at a  Christmas craft fair                              

 I am working at putting up my trees around the house. I have some new little white ornaments i bought at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta Georgia last month. I wish I would have kept the name of the booth she had the most beautiful white and silver Christmas deco lots of glitter items. This is my tree in the living room . I am working on my Kitchen tree today.
I did  a little black Friday shopping so need to start wrapping presents


  I bought about 6 of these in the white coats and just love them.I put white coffee cups from a china set all over this tree. remember that set of dishes I was trying to talk someone into taking? One sister did say she would take the set but she has never picked it up. Anyway I wanted lots of white items on this tree so put all of the coffee cups from that set on the tree. LOVE it


    I just love these little snowy white fluffy dolls, they are beautiful on my tree

                        This star I just laid it on a lower branch


                                                        I put my glitter boot on my tree

        Little white glitter house, that fringe hanging down I bought to trim a pillow

    A small silver glitter tree on my big tree  and wedding tulle on the tree                  


      This is little glitter bird and my woolly sheep

                                                            White Glitter Santa                           

   I put a lot od odds and ends on my tree but it all seems to work together> Hope you enjoyed this tree I have another tree I am decorating in my kitchen for my friends& girl party                                     

           This star came from Country Living Fair also