Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hydrangeas For Pink Saturday

I am going to show my 4 gorgeous blooms off a couple bushes for Pink Saturday since I actually have some pink to show . I cut these and put in a bucket of water really quick since we are in this horrible heat wave .
My car thermometer said 110 after work one day sitting out on a hot parking lot

I just love hydrangeas , now these are inside on my kitchen table. See my blue arrangement in the back ground. I took my platters down and added lots blue and white

I was playing with my instagram pictures and got these all together .

PINK Saturday Party at How Sweet The Sound

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Happy Days / Update

Well I guess I have enjoyed my home vacation just for the fact of getting some rooms really cleaned and closets cleaned out of lots of clothing I haven't worn for a few years.

I have been wanting to put a lot of my blue and white items on top of my old chippy cabinet in my kitchen, in the picture with my chandelier you can see I have had  large platters on this cabinet previously
I added more small items and I think it looks much better, I I always like more

I got my kitchen chandelier cleaned, my friend Bernideen surprised me by stopping by and helped me clean it , now just one to go.

Bernideen and Gina and I all went to breakfast early one morning this week and then we went downtown to a few stores,one store was Kent's Florist who has the most gorgeous home interior items and fabulous quality artificial flowers.
Anyway I fell for this large bottle rack reproduction. I wanted it for my mugs and cups. I added my cow creamer and some smaller cream pictures that go with my staffordshire blue calico dishes

Then I added more creamers and small demi cups to my rack

I first added my red transferware mugs and like the blue and white best of all.I still have lots small red and white transferware tea cups I can change up also.

My vacation days are almost over and back to work Monday so I'm going someplace fun today just haven't made up my mind where I'm going

I am so glad we had a little rain to cool the temperatures down also, however next weekend back up to higher 90's with heat index over 100 and high humidity. I still don't have my air conditioner fixed to run at full capacity, part will be here next week sometime

Hope you all are having a fun summer also

It's Monday June 25th now and i'm on my way to work, vacation is over

I joined in Pink Saturday 

Friday, June 15, 2018


Hi one and all. I know I haven't posted for couple weeks however will bring you up to date. I am on vacation this week and next week and have decided to stay home and clean house I mean really clean out clothes closets and my garage and my storage room. So far I have took 3 car loads to a donation center!! I did let a lady who I give items to go through and pick out what she wanted first.

In between this my internet was down 3 days due to Centurlink disconnected it in  error, my DirecTv needs reprogrammed because I purchased a new smart tv , first Tv since 1995!!! can you believe that?
I had to have a plumber because down stairs toilet, us say had troubles. My air conditioner is down now and man should be here any moment. If I was working I couldn't have taken care of all this!!

I am straightening  up my book shelves in my bedroom, I have several book I love and have a huge bakers rack full and the other book shelves are full so put these in my bedroom.

I am going shopping tomorrow in St Louis, so this will be my only fun vacation day this week

I am thrilled to rid my house of clothes I like however never wear them

Well must get off here since my air conditioner repair man should be here knocking at my door now.

I'll let you know what I find in St Louis