Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Window Art

It has been a lazy day here and a busy one. I have had a nap read 1/2 a book now cleaning. I  had a rug cleaning company early this morning pick up my living room and guest bedroom area rugs  and hallway runner to be cleaned. So guess i'll clean my hardwood floors while those rugs are gone. Then I need my entry rugs and my office rug cleaned.My office rug is a gorgeous leopard area rug LOL I love it

I washed my red and white toile tablecloth and decided to wipe off the bottles sitting on my window sill.I still like bottles in a window to let the light through


 Can you believe tomorrow is July 1st WOW ? I gave $1.75 each for these at a hospital gift shop sale

Then I always like colored glass also, you can see a little bit of my flower bed out back.

A friend is on her way over to pick up some DVD's about a destination we are going to this fall .
I have wanted to go to this place since about 1992 ,finally going. I'll be sure and tell you about this heavenly place before we go .

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Round Iron Bed

 I just love this time of year it keeps me motivated to get things done around the house and yard.
Not saying neither one is tip top shape however liveable. LOL

I am rearranging my house downstairs where my studio and another guest room is. I have this heavy beautiful 1800's  iron bed I bought years ago in an antique shop from one of our river towns.anyway I can't move the thing and I am going to sell it so I can paint the floor in this bedroom. I can surely find another bed like a day bed that I will like as much


This bed must weigh 500 lbs ?  LOL I remember buying it and struggling to get it in my house , however I just love it because it was the first round iron bed I had ever seen


This is the head board in the above picture
I have changed the bed covering several times, It's time to remove the pink quilts and put the white lace cover back on. It's such a nice day ,no rain anyway I can hang the bedding outside on the clothes line to dry 

I have never painted it I always wanted to paint it white and friends told me no leave it like it is , so here it is black and gold 

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

More Hydrangeas

Happy Saturday Morning

My hydrangeas are mostly all blooming because of all our Missouri rain. Hydrangeas love moisture and mine are all happy now. I usually water them everyday when it gets up to 95-100 degrees.


I just picked one small bloom to put in this little creamer which is so pretty,and I have an almost matching dessert plate to get it on


Just wanted to say hi I am expecting company in a few short minutes so have to go get my lipstick on LOL 

Happy Pink Saturday 

PS Oh this is my baby sisters Becky 's ( Nona Rebecca) Happy Birthday 

Sunday, June 7, 2015


I am really still alive and very well. I have just been distracted getting ready for another trip for this fall. Which I can talk about later
I have been working in my big flower bed and really need to go get a couple more bedding annuals to fill in spaces

I have been back to New York City which I love that city. My friend Terry who I stay with has several friends and one friend named Pat is a member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and she got us a guide for a private tour and oh my gosh. You just can't take it all in a quick tour. There was lots I didn't even get to see. There was 5 of us ladies on that particular day trip then we all went to a Turkish restaurant close to the museum well close for New York City about 5 walking blocks LOL
Pat loves painting and collects very expensive painting she even has a Van Gogh !
We stayed in the rooms with Van Gogh and Monet painting for the longest time admiring them all.


I am Still cleaning out and rearranging my house. I was in the studio getting the spider webs out from under tables and decided to take my dried hydrangeas outside  to get a picture of them.
I seen where a few listings on etsy for these maybe I'll list my dried hydrangeas? 
These are from last fall, my bushes are full since we have had sooo much rain this spring and this last week.

 Well I must go and get ready for 11:30 mass it's Corpus Christi Sunday