Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Farm House Canisters

Hi Everybody
I am enjoying being home today and it was in the 50's I even raked a few leaves left on the ground from fall just so I could be outside.
Before I went outside I dug out this box of canisters from my storage room.
I use to use them in my country kitchen back in the 1980's when everything was country in my kitchen also I had lots of blue and white graniteware and sponge ware dishes and pans.


I still have a few of the little spice jars that match the larger canisters

I have lids for most of them however the lids are chipped up and cracked in places and they were this way when I purchased them. I still used them in my kitchen for years.

I called my friend on Long Island today to see if they still had electricity etc because of the huge snow storm. She said they got 27 inches of snow and everything was good for them since they were planning on staying in. She said a neighbor was digging his car out and didn't know why because no way could you get out of their neighborhood up the hill to go anywhere no road trucks was out .It sure was a windy snow storm she said.

Here is the canisters with their chipped up lids on them

Wouldn't you hate to be stranded in New York airport during this storm?
Well I have had a good day home and think I'll get my pajama's  on and watch some TV and rest. Have to go into work tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by

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Monday, January 19, 2015


OMGosh it was up to 60 degrees here today in central Missouri. I loved it even got hot in my car my male friend laughed and said we may have to turn the air conditioner on LOL.

I was out back taking pictures on  my patio also and noticed my old iron cross hanging on my wood fence getting more rusty as time goes on.


I have sold a lot of my yard art I call it however was not ready to part with this old rusty cross, not yet anyway

 I think it would even look good hanging on the wall in my house or yours don't you ? 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

White Ironstone

I am starting the year off again buy cleaning out closets of dishes to put in my next sale. A lady I know came over and said she wanted my ironstone dishes to put in her kitchen at her summer farm house ,so off they went to the country farm is a few she took.

She wanted the 2 pitchers, one old one new and tea pot which was a newer one ,she didn't want any of the flatware which was fine with me

 Mary took most of the platters
 Brown and white calico cups and saucers by staffordshire
 I thought she needed this tall brown and white splatterware what ever it's for , it is marked Johnson Bros on bottom, I stacked some cups in it . I loved these but I have at least 4 more complete sets of dishes ,all blue and white no one is a portmerion set the Strawberry Fair

I have piles of dishes and treasures in every room of my house to take out to the Indoor Garage Sale at the Holiday Inn Expo across from our Mall February the 8th 1- 4 pm Columbia Missouri
boothe rent is still available if any of you want to rent a space, they supply the tables .

It was so nice Linda at Coastal Charm featured my ironstone pitchers 

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Looking Back

I was digging through my pictures trying to find a certain one and found this set of pictures from one of my yard sales. I was thinking I sold some good stuff LOL. It still amazes me how much I have sold out of my house and studio and still selling. Here is a few pictures as I find them. I always had toile material folded in this little doll buggy.

 I had this all on my back patio
 The wood trays didn't sell so I painted them white and have them still in the mstudio
 This mirror didn't sell because I decided to keep it LOL  so I have it in my kitchen painted white hanging over a old chippy white dish cabinet
 This little wood table went to a gal who sells braided rugs at flea markets said it would be perfect for her displays. A man bought the jewelry case
 I even sold my chalk board. It was a wooden tray that I painted with chalkboard paint

 A friend bought this little white night stand after I painted it all white for her and added a large satin ribbon for the bottom pull.

It's fun to look back sometimes to see what you did a couple years ago and think what your going to do for the next sale.Our next sale is February 8th at the Holiday Inn Expo Center. Once a year it's an Indoor Garage Sale . I have got to get busy pricing items for this sale .
It's everything from baby clothes to furniture and lots in betweens,which I take. Man things I always sale a lot of, however sold out of these items now.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just Chatter

I have got to get busy and get things done like mop and dust and get a new post up. However I have just rested all last weekend laid around in my pajamas and enjoys my quite TV marathon.It was Gary Grant old movies on Turner Classic Movies, he was such a hunk of a good looking man, Oh My

Anyway just a quick Hi and then I really need to take some new pictures and so a interesting post. After I get my book cases dusted


I dug this old practice making colleges picture out to show , I know nothing special but it was fun doing it LOL 
Also how do you like this sub zero weather we are having? I bought a heater for the bird bath for my birds and squirrels you put it in your bird bath to keep the water from freezing. It's a small round disk and glad I had an electrical outlet on my patio for it. yesterday I seen lots birds and my squirrels drinking water out of it. A neighbor told me birds need lots water in the winter as much as bird feed .

Also  a friend of mine lost his little Sissy dog and is very sad needless to say so go over to his blog and say Hi 

stay warm 

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