Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jewels & Cameo

I was looking through one of my old Where Women Create , as I said previously and looking at Amy Hanna pages at her wonderful altered necklaces I though I have enough vintage jewels and cameo stashed I could make a necklace
So I dug through drawers in 2 chest of drawers  and plastic bends and boxes and had enough rhinestones and chains out to start a production line making altered art necklaces It's always hard for me to choose what and which one to use. Like a friend said you have to many choices to choose from

I started with this large cameo it's sterling silver with 14kt roses     a coral color cameo                  

I wasn't sure what I was going to do but liked the look with the rhinestone ball necklace I bought several years ago,I think this is the first rhinestone good piece I bought back in the 1980's 

 This is the book by Amy Hanna I went to the library and got it , I laid out my jewels on the cover

A bowl of goodies 

I have the hardest time using these little o rings that sort of springs around

This is almost my finished necklace I just couldn't wait to show it off, I love it . I am going to use a small pearl chain on it also ,like a double necklace 

 I am going to gather up all my jewels and cameo I have all around the house and in the studio and put them in a huge glass bowl to show you all , Not now but sometime LOL

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Where I Enjoy Life

Hi Guys
I decided to stay home this Pink Saturday and just play after I pick up a little.
I was out back taking pictures of some La Papeterie  paper products to list in my etsy shop and looking at an older Where Women Create, May/June 2009 wow can't believe it has been that long , the issue where Amy Hanna was in it and after looking at her studio I thought Oh I want to make an altered art necklace with some of my  good stuff. You know the best rhinestone pins and earrings I have collected and use a pearl collar etc
Then after going to list some paper items I realized they have to be vintage so can't list any of them, I have lots of these things I have bought to use in card making

First I want to show these cute Pink Flamingo tags I have and have decided to let go of,if any of you still make your greeting cards like I do.I have drawers of great creative paper items and will never use them so passing them into my etsy shop for someone else to use and enjoy.They are 4 x 2 1/4 ( just realized I can't sell these on etsy because they are too new ) oh well if interested I can sell them to you just not through etsy.


I have been thinking about moving to a smaller home and just can't stand the thought of getting rid of my studio treasures, I think I'll eliminate 2 bedrooms and keep all my studio , tell me you agree 

What a single senior lady to do without a date except play in the studio LOL.You know when you're 50 you are a senior according to lots of advertising ? LOL


This is 
hanging over the table where I play with my jewels and make cards . When I find a pretty dangly thing I hang it on this chandelier 

My  Blue wine bottles in my window, which I love because I don't need curtains then 
I have a double window full 

My wire Christmas tree is up year around with vintage cookie cutters on it and vintage Santas ,It's setting up on my TV in the studio

Wire Lady undressed looking at my create table 

Thanks for looking around with me 

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Italy Gift

I was just given a sweet sweet gift from Nancy who lives in Italy. Her dad lives here in my town and I check on him once or twice a week for her and her brother who lives in Germany and older sister who live in Colorado.
Anyway Dad has moved to assisted living apartment and Nancy is here from Italy trying to disperse her parents items. The have had a lottery drawing among the kids and grandkids and whats left is a lot.

This is Nancy & Lois doll chest from when they were little ,neither one of them wanted it and there is 2 granddaughters they didn't want the old thing LOL
So I was making over it and telling her how precious it was on and on. She said Jan do you want the thing? I said of course I want it and offered to pay for it . However it was a gift to me from Nancy from Italy
She brought me a sweet box of chocolates from Italy also.

I love the fastener of this little cabinet,she said Lois painted the flowers back on the cabinet years ago when they were still home 

Now for the little treasures in the doll cabinet, a little purse ,stuffed animal from some trip to circus , a baby bottle , an vintage snap billfold,and wait for the Bride Doll !

love her dress 

I figured I would put my blue & white childrens dishes in this cabinet 

this is everything that was in the cabinet

I  love the hinges on the doors also 

all my blues and then I have another small set of dishes 

These were my youngest daughters  doll dishes given to her by my Mother , a few pieces got broken 

The little tea pot and cup & saucer on top shelf I bought years ago at a sale 

This little doll Nancy said an Aunt brought it back to her from Italy when she was a little girl she can still remember 

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wedding in Jamaica

Yo Mom we are back from Jamaica and No Problem was our entire trip.

In Jamaica everyone is Yo Mon male & female and they like being greeting and saying good bye with Yo Mon. Also everything in Jamaica is No Problem what ever may arise . It was a wonderful trip and the wedding was special also they had a very good minister to preform the wedding on the beach. This is my niece walking down to the beach arch where she and Robert were to be married ,walking to the traditional wedding march song .
I absolutely loved her cocktail length dress with the sweetheart bodice  with the bodice covered in tiny pearls ,they did her hair at the resort and it was beautiful.


The couple getting married

One of the kisses with their Jamaican wedding certificate 

          This is how they had the quest chairs set up for us ,there was 15 of us flew down for this special wedding , guess all weddings are special though? right      

This is the happy couple with their sisters, Robert has a sister Liz from Brooklyn New York 
and Jessicas sisters are from Kansas City and Denver Colorado, the sister on the far right is getting married in September this year in Kansas City Missouri ,she is the Denver sister

               The bride with her Mother and sisters, of course the photographer they hired to do their wedding pictures had their attention, I was just snapping photos

The Riu Tropical Bay resort we stayed at was wonderful in Negril Jamaica . This is the dinning room we ate at most evenings however we did try the Italian and the Japanese restaurants on the premise, this was an all inclusive resort you just had to make dinner reservations in the evening.
I loved dressing up in the evenings for dinner, People from all over the world was there, I talked with gals from Argentina, and Russia, Italy,South Africa, America, England, Brazil  other people who I can't spell the country LOL

  This is me and one of my nephews Jeff  at the rehearsal dinner  , he is married to the Brides sister                                                                     

Mother of bride, mother of groom at rehearsal dinner 

Happy Quests

This is Robb's Mother in front,from New Jersey, Aunt Terry left from Long Island New York, Sister Liz and husband from Brooklyn New York and Liz's husband Gladiator is from Brazil that is where they met 

 Drinks before the wedding with my sister who lives in Missouri also 

I took a shopping tour with Terry she loves to shop also so we went to the duty free jewelry stores down the coast from Negril we stooped at the huts before the mall , which was interesting ,everything they had to sell to the tourist comes from where else but China !!!!!! Our guide was very nice staying with us and explaining  about the shopping 

You can see the huts in the back ground, our guide was  Nicola 

My sister Liz  and I early one morning left the resort and walked the beach and shopped some huts ,

I bought a Jamaican towel of course 
It was a great trip and I have 100's more pictures
I went to see the famous sun set  divers at Ricks cafe this has been on the travel channel I have seen it 

This is one of the beautiful fountains in one of the two pools over looking the Caribbean ocean

It was stormy that day and the divers only dives at sun set but because there was so may people there he took a tip donation and if he got enough money he would dive, so he did , there was so many people I got what pictures I could 

This was about 130 feet above the water OMG !!!!

This is me way in the back with a bright  pink top on doing daily water aerobics LOL

now in closing LOL 

My sister Liz and me our last morning eating out on the veranda looking out over the caribbean ocean 

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bedroom Blues + Wedding

I have always loved the color blue cobalt blue light baby blue and I have a lot of blue walls in my house

I bought this chandelier for my bedroom and just love it I need baby blue shades on my chandelier so guess I better go buy some baby blue spray  paint and get to spraying. I have pink shades on it now because I found some at a store 1/2 of 1/2 price and thought this will do LOL


    That oak framed mirror propped up against the wall behind my night table, was my Grandmothers ,it was the only big mirror in her house and she hung it on back of her bedroom door, I can't believe I still have it not broken.
My Grandparents were married in 1922 and I have her 42 inch round oak pedestal table that was given to them as a wedding present and it was a hand me down then Grandma said  

Anyway I am going to be absent a few days. I'm helping a sister with her daughters wedding and will tell you all about the wedding in a few days, hopefully some cute pictures

This is some little pink shades I have for the bedroom chandelier,they don't look pink with the lights on. I love my toile fabric in my bedroom I know this Waverly Country LIfe is maybe 6-7 years old maybe older anyway I still Love it and still looking for the discontinued wallpaper if anyone can help me out.(thanks)

I just love weddings,tell you all about it next week. My etsy shop will be on vacation mode till the wedding is over
Thanks to all of you who shop my shop oxoxoxo

  Some pink geraniums  for Pink Saturday
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