Friday, May 31, 2013

Resale Paintings

When I was in St Louis last Saturday I was directed to a vintage furniture store on Gravois Road and found a repro painting that I have always liked the 1800's painting of children and their dogs
I can tell its a reproduction because the back is so clean, it is on canvas however which I like
I just hung it up to see how  she looked

 My flash on my camera always reflects on any shiny surface, and I don't know how to turn it off on a sony automatic camera. I should have measured it because it is a good size painting

I'm going to hang it in my living room next to this painting however just took a platter down and hung it on the same nails to see if this is where I want it 

Infanta Margarita by Diego De Velasquez 1599-1660
this is on a metal plaque on bottom of picture 

This was 1/2 price and it was $30 

You know I was just thinking aren't all old paintings Resale painting ? LOL

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Flo Blue

Hi all
I guess I took a break, usually I like to post once or twice a week and I have been running around shopping at yard sales and thinking about my yard coming up June 7-8 and then 10-11 in the afternoons
I need more tags and just overwhelmed with all I want to get in the sale,since I can't lift very many things and do steps I am limited until I get help which people have offered to help. I am doing everything to avoid major back surgery buy asking for help first time in my life

Any way this platter is not a 1800's original  platter but it's heavy and a beautiful flo blue, I have several and thought I can eliminate this one . I got it at a very reasonable price and think I will ask $35.00 for it however that is not a yard sale price I know !!!LOL


This is the mark on the back,the lions


It is 1 9 inch x 14

It has a blemish on the left side looks like a metal spot,no paint,it's not a chip I don't know what to call it ,very small size of a very small pea

Saturday I went to St Louis Mo shopping and went to a resale shop I had never been to. Loved it maybe you have heard about it on Style Network TV?

Women's Closet Exchange they are on Style Network on Sunday Evenings 8c
There is a Mother and 2 daughters who run this shop, the filming crew was not there when I was,however there was people from all over United States there wanting their pictures with these ladies

All I wanted was to get to the Louis Vuitton bags and touch them LOL they had Prada, Dior bags also however I have always loved Louis Vuitton ever since I knew what they were.

They buy all high end clothes  and resale them in this shop, it's a very nice shop also,they did have items from Cold Water Creek and Chico, Macy's etc also Armani
They had a good assortment of Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik,Christian Louboutin ,shoes however most sizes were 7 1/2 - 8  I wear a 9  and couldn't squeeze my feet in any LOL
I bought a Dennis Basso jacket ,new for $30.00 bright yellow with leopard lining, love it LOL

I had a good time and bought some other items besides this Louis Vuitton travel bag , I will use it for road trips the airports just ruin good luggage . I LOVE Louis Vuitton items 

I spent my cookie jar money I have been saving for 2 trips however you have to buy when you find what you want and love 
they had 10% OFF everything in the store Saturday

it's worth the trip gals , one girl drove 5 hours to get there 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garage sale finds

Hope you all are enjoying the sun we have had it a few days here and my car thermometer said 96 Tuesday parked in Target parking lot facing the sun !!!HOT and I never did like hot weather.The local TV station said 82 ?

 I stopped at a couple yard sale Saturday  and found some treasures. First I found this pretty decanter to put more white vintage buttons in and I found this pretty gold ornate wastebasket and tissue holder from the 1960's . Which I don't know why I bought it, don't need it and I have plenty of vintage wastepaper baskets around, so it may go in my yard sale LOL but I can't pass up a bargain, will pass a bargain onto someone else

 my stash of buying this week
 Here is the pretty decanter , first one I have with a pouring spout, olive oil would work in this also, its a large one
  and for some reason last summer these large shells started coming to me through friends and yard sale so now I have about 7 of them plus a huge bowl of fancy shells
 I was shopping at Michael's to get a gift for someone and they had all the cardboard boxes and suitcases 40 % off so I got these hat boxes and I will have to get pictures of the cute suitcases I got to put treasures in and try and straighten up my studio, it looks like a big wind storm went through , however I know where everything is .
 This is the inside of the hat box , LOVE it, it should be full of lace before to long
 Question? I am the only one getting a lot of anonymous spam comments these days ?

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Before & After paint

I have had this candelabra for a few years I got it at a yard sale once where a lady had died and her 3 daughters were selling everything in the house for a quarter !!! yes 25 cents each. People had piles 6 ft tall in the yard and don't get in there piles !! either. I did not knowing what the heck was going on.

I got this candelabra and lots of jewelry at this sale,I bought a lot of clothes for someone then ended up donating them  because the person didn't like the clothes.

This is the candelabra I had on my table at a ladies luncheon I previously posted about

Before painting white


This is how it looked on my table 


I like my birds nested in it 

After painting white 

My crystals prisms  are pink from mod podge glue and pink food coloring I mixed a little of both till I got the color I wanted then hung on sides of a glass to dry

Then I brought it in my studio and set it in my east window on my silver wedding cake square which I bought off of a florist that does weddings, he said after a couple years using them he sells them, so I picked it up at Kent's Florist side walk sale one year 

I like it both ways painted and unpainted , what about you ?

For the first time I got a complete body spray tan the liquid one,not laying in a roaster tube 
so far I like it I went light my first time and in a couple weeks I'll go back and get it a little darker,all I need is mascara maybe some blush LOVE IT 

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Got Flowers

Sort of reminds me of the movie I got Mail filmed in Seattle with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan  anyway I got flowers delivered for Mother's day from my youngest daughter and her family who lives in Missouri. Pretty roses, carnations and daisies.It was so fun to get these. They are just so pretty and pink. I will have something for Pink Saturday post this week  LOL

I had to take them outside this morning to get enough light for a good picture it is so dark in my house especially since its cloudy and going to rain AGAIN today, we are in a drought no more I would say here in Missouri

Anyone can always make me happier by giving me fresh flowers

Then my daughter who lives out around Portland Oregon sent me a cookbook and the cutest 3-d card 
She knows I like tea,we use to buy Summer Pudding up in Seattle in a store buy Public Market,they don't carry it any more so we order it from London 

Then the sweet cookbook  for  tea biscuits and bite size treats to have with your tea 

I am thinking this came from Powell's bookstore downtown Portland Oregon, we always go there when I visit my daughter out there in NW

Hope you all have a sweet Mother's day 

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Vintage Bowl Terrarium

Well we have had some unusual weather for central Missouri, it was 80 degrees one day this week I think Monday & Tuesday then this morning  Friday, it was 35 and a very cold rain. Up in Kansas City they has snow and sleet , Rick Cantore from the weather channel was there playing in the snow, he was on early this morning about 6am. Was you up watching his cute bald head? LOL

Back to my vintage bowl and flowers. I bought these little flowers before the cold weather


I was reading a blog where she was in a flower shop looking a huge terrarium's and I got the idea to make me a little table top terrarium

I used an old pressed glass footed bowl and some small  dainty
tea cups

I did all this the day it was so nice before this cold rain

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