Friday, April 26, 2013


Good Morning

I don't have any new pictures for a new post this morning and so just going to show my Rose Chintz plate I have. I guess  this is the set of dishes I would like to have next, I have a few pieces mostly bowls. I did see an 8 place setting for $150 however didn't want to pay that price, now , since I really don't need any more dishes for me and my cat LOL

The more I look at it the prettier it is, it goes well with my red & white transferware plates


I have a busy day working 1/2 day at my day job then going to a school program, Grandparents Day , then going to a play tonight with a friend. Them tomorrow going to visit a special friend and her sister from Paducah Kentucky. We are planning on eating a lot , doing pedicures , laughing and a lot of relaxing . we always give each other hand me downs, so I need to get my white elephant pile ready for them to pick through 

Richard at My Old Historic House said things are looking a little better, pumping water out of his basement, doing yard work and the city is going to have the special city wide event Saturday May 4th 2013 
So my girl friends and I are planing on going  to tour his house, I can't imagine him getting all things back in order to have his house on tour along with the mayors house 

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ROSE CHintz Cottage 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Special Report on Cottrell House, Flood in Clarksville Missouri

Hi all great bloggers

I know most of you have read Richard Cottrell blog , My Old Historic House He lives in Clarksville Missouri on the Mississippi River . His wonderful house, mansion is looking right in the eye of the high river., flooding really

This morning on ABC Good Morning American they did a special report right there in Clarksville in front of Richard's shop at the arch ways he is always showing.

Then last night Fox news was there and Richard was on Fox news thanking all the volunteers and guardsmen the Governor had sent in for helping, also corp of engineers

He had help caring all his first floor furniture to the second floor. Look at this web site of how beautiful his house is and imagine moving all those treasures

I called him this morning and he said his basement is full of water , he said the Methodist church ? I think is providing food for the workers and he was helping there as he could.

I felt we need to help Richard , he is so upset about his beautiful home and business, and loss of business.  I sent a card with a little money in it to help in some small way . I hope he isn't offended

If you would like to send Richard a card, he has a post office box

Richard Cottrell
P O Box
Clarksville Mo 63336


UPDATE on facebook Richard Cottrell 4/23/13
Basement pump is up and running. Yard mowed. i'm going to pull weeds and watch it pump. Hope to have electric, gas and a toilet by tonite. And my own bed.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Vintage lamps & Pugs

A friend of mine Lorene,  from church who is 98 years old is selling out and moving to Florida next month has some vintage items for sell and I bought this lamp from her.
I thought the painted shade and the white milk glass bottom is so pretty.It doesn't go with anything in my bedroom but wanted it anyway since it belonged to Lorene.
I wanted her vintage french provincial chest and night stands that matched and she bought in Texas years ago maybe back in the 1960's, they  has glass tops, love them


I know its hand painted because of the stroke marks of the paint. I also know they aren't what the young shabby chic vintage gals wants today but they are back bedroom lamps LOL
When I had all antique and Victorian bedrooms they would have been perfect


I hope she isn't sad after she sells all her items, she is moving in with her granddaughter


Here is a lamp I bought in 1971 when I lived in the Paducah Kentucky area, my friend from there is coming 
 up this weekend to visit her sister , so we will all get together 

This is not the original prisms on it I change them around once in a while since I have about 4 large containers full of old glass prisms. I always liked it's base

 Then here is my pug pillows in the same bedroom, I use to have 2 pugs and miss them so much ,these pillows looks just like Ollie & Sissy did 


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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tulips & Roses

 As I have mentioned before I am down sizing, cleaning out   a lot of my collections and stuff stashed in my extra room downstairs that I have used for storage

I came across these Fire King nesting bowls with grease bowl with it's lid and then the salt & pepper with original lids.
Anyway they are going up for sale. I looked what they were priced on other etsy shops and ouch ,very high I thought

I had these in my country kitchen and now my kitchen is shabby chic and transferware, so here you are , you gals going  french  country
You can own this entire set for $100  + shipping and I like to use UPS where they double box and guarantee no breakage

Orginally there is 4 nesting bowls and I have 3 plus the grese bowl & lid

Love how the lids have tulips on them also just like the shakers

The grease bowls blue flower pot on the back has some paint missing as seen in picture

Then I want to share with you my beautiful roses I got for just ME , 100 little roses. I put them in my vintage flo blue pitcher
 I just love them, I got them Friday evening and they are still beautiful, my company over the weekend enjoyed them also

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Tables Galore Luncheon

Hello ladies & Gentlemen I had previously told you I was setting a  table for the Ladies Spring luncheon at my church , so going to show you my Shabby Chic table first then others I took pictures of.
This is always so fun to see the imagination of other ladies and their tables, however this year a lot of ladies used paper plates etc. I know they are just as pretty
Click on any picture to make it larger

I clipped on a hot pink bird with pearls on her feathers

I had the candelabra setting on a gold picture frame with hot pink paper instead of a picture in the frame

Used my Iris & Herringbone crystal pitcher & glasses

I gave each quest of mine a goody bag, in it was rhinestone cloth pins, a note pad shaped like Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress, then I gave them their little gold frame place cards with their names on them, also the daily  calendar on the table with the Gold Crown on it

My place setting were all different, however they all had pink roses on them
my theme was , pink, gold frames, birds, shabby chic , and roses

Here are some of the other tables 

This was not all the tables however you get the idea of what our luncheon is all about
We do this every year in April my sister already said what dishes are you using next year ? LOL

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fifty Dollar Button

Well here it is girls & boys  I have mentioned about going to Paducah Kentucky to the quilt show and there was always this dealer there from New York I think? who had buttons galore, buttons made into jewelry , bracelets & necklaces ,  anyway I got caught up in all the hoop la and excitement of being there among all the fabulous vendors and paid $50 for this button !!!!! OMG I know what you are all saying

However the gal gave a good sales pitch about one of a kind and the Ding Dynasty era on and on. Anyway I fell hook line and sinker. Really I never have seen another one like it? Do any of you button gals have one ? Tell me what you think. Not about how crazy you think I am , just what era you think the button is and have you seen another one similar to this one?



The back of this famous button, I think only a real button floozies will appreciate this


 Surely some of the button floozies will like it 

I think she's a beauty

She is pretty , do you think she was on some formal gown or coat of some kind, since it's a heavy metal button ? Also what can I do with it except show it here? maybe put it in my etsy shop?

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pink Roses

I am trying to get together my idea to set a hostess table at a ladies luncheon next Saturday.
I am going to use my odds and ends dishes I have collected at estate sales and thrift stores, with roses on them.
I got an idea to use any dish with a soft pink or soft blue rose on it.
I have enough now for 8 place settings, here is a close up of the plates


I think it's going to be a beautiful table even with mix match dishes.

I don't know if it works in your program however if you click on the pictures it makes them much larger and I think much better, wish blogger posted larger pictures

They really look pretty on this plate rack I just bought especially for them. I bought it at an antique shop last weekend when I went to visit my sister up by Kansas City Missouri


I have a large piece of material that looks like pink bubble gum I am using for my table cover, we always have white table cloths , however I am going to jazz it up this year.

I will take pictures of the other tables also and post them, after next weekend . We have some creative ladies at my church and they come up with fabulous table settings.
One year a lady had all old dolls in vintage doll buggies on top of her table
I think I posted one of my tables with all my ironstone and vintage white mother of pearl buttons .
I love doing this

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Stained Glass

Good Morning

I am so glad I didn't have to work this morning and so need to get in the studio and straighten up some things.
I got these leaded  stained glass small windows out of the storage room and really want to clean them up some how?

I had wanted to attach a chain to the top and hang them in a window in the studio and haven't got this done yet

I purchased these once at an antique shop in Lexington Missouri years ago maybe 5-7  years ago , they were having a going out of business sale and I got them very reasonable. I always see idea in my head of what to do with something  and want to re make them and then never can get my ideas into works


I have one in my office window setting between the storm window and the inside window, I don't have curtains in this room because I like looking out into my back yard. There is no houses out back of me and it blocks the neighbors to my side yard  looking in if they are in their back yard

Any ideas of something easy to do with them ?

Oh Did I mention I am moving to Italy ? 

April;s Fool LOL xoxo

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