Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PINK Chair

I got my pink chair finished I had to put two coats primer on to cover the green  and then two coats of my pink paint.
I have a door in the studio pink and have all my ribbons hanging on the door.

HOT is the word, however we don't have wild fires like Colorado

                                                     before when it was green


Now pink

I know it would have looked good a two tone , however I am not that good of a painter and I would have had my colors overlapping


with the blue chair in background and then also a white chair that I have already showed on a previous post

This will be a good post for Pink Saturday

Now I need to find one more chair similar to have 4 and I want to paint it a lime color. I have a Martha Stewart Windsor chair to use for 4 chairs around my work table

I thought about a chintz cup & saucer I purchased for  $2.00 at a thrift store in St Louis last time I was there.  So set it up on the chair  for it's debut

  I like the rose inside of the cup ,it's  setting on some of the old cotton lace I got last Saturday

It's an English marking

Well it is so hot 101 now that I am not going for my afternoon walk. I will go out and water my flowers a little later this evening then I'm either watching a little TV or going to start on one of the new books I have to read . It is going to be in triple digits  100's all week .
I pray people brings their dogs & cats inside out of this heat or at least gives them fresh water every day.


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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Yard Sale finds

Today was a hit & miss I do believe . I didn't think I found much till we got home and I laid it all out on my bench out front , before I brought it all in the house.
I found two items I am crazy about and the rest well maybe a friend or two will take a few items?

First I went to a neighbors house sale and bought a big box of sewing items, I bought it unopened just hoping there would be some buttons in the box and there is but nothing to brag about . The box was $5.00, lots metal zippers and lace binding , thread etc


 Then another neighbor sale 2 blue bowls , the trim was in the box of sewing notions

Mt favorite find !!!!!!!any old tin box  full of old vintage lace I love this lace, at first I thought it was over priced then after I counted how many pieces I have it's not over priced. I bought it at the Methodist church sale


This is a poster framed I thought I could hang in my studio powder room however a friend buys old perfume bottles for her powder room she may want this and that is what I was thinking of when I purchased it . Jo ??


      two long glittery scarfs, a grey one and black one   and an old white velvet hat


feed sack

The tablecloth, feed sack , picture frame and old plate I gave $1.25 , lady was closing her sale

I like this old plate even though it has a big crack across it    

green lamp base $1.00

These are large shells , I added them to my tray setting on my front porch $1.00 each, people said they picked them up in St Petersburg Florida, they had them laying all in their flower beds

I like this old tin 50 cents and all the scissors was in the sewing box of items 

Flower pot , green flour sifter , syrup , ice pick, and bottle stopper , meat hammer , coke bottle opener, hat box , ice cream scoop,  where I bought these items the man gave me a galvanized bucket I didn't get it in the picture

Two bottles unopened of Arbone hand lotion and a basket birthday candles , even had my next birthday number in it 39 LOL, got these at the church sale
$1.00 for this bracelet with all the stones


An apron I bought for another friend , it was priced $2.00 I gave $1.00 for it  washed ironed and on an hanger


    There is a little cardboard suitcase and some old tins you can't see , also a cradle shaped basket the old lace is in. I had a good haul I think now that I look at it. Better than any flea market I have been to and I spent $41.00 today , I kept count this time . Now I am going out to eat crab legs with a friend tonight


Buttons that was in the sewing box

It was a fun morning and I didn't think I found anything  LOL

Well now I have to get all these treasure tucked away so I don't look like a hoarder LOL    

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Painted Chairs

I showed a picture a couple weeks ago where of a chair with primer on it well today I got the robin egg blue paint on it and it dried very quick since it is so hot here today. I had bought some liquid silver leaf to add to it but think I have changed my mind what do you think ? since it doesn't have any ornate pieces to really high light with silver leaf?

before pictures with the green cloth seat and it has primer on it here


OK finished painted baby blue or robin egg blue I bought a can of paint somewhere just said blue , it was $1.00

can't really see it very good outside so I brought it in and took a picture

this is downstairs where my studio is and I already have a white chair similar to this one I painted white and I have another one I am going to paint pink   to set around one of my work tables    .
looks more blue to me inside  


this one is already painted white , of course you can see that LOL

This one will be pink , about the pink in my roses in the back ground

Originally I was going to set the blue chair  in my blue  toile bedroom but it looked good around the round work table in the studio . I need to get a can of primer tomorrow before I start. Hope everyone had a nice Father's Day .    
Now that I look at this not very interesting just pictures of chairs , LOL oh well        

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Colored glass

Here is a few of my recent finds just small items however I really like them. I have been busy went  to an  auction and estate sale  and I had a friend visit me from Texas and we had a great day together catching up on girl talk

I got the blue glasses at the Gypsy Caravan in St Louis a few weeks ago . Sort of like the old Mary Gregory glasses , painted on. Can you believe $1.75 a glass ? I gave $7.00 for the 4 . Of course I know , no ones wants glasses like these now days , but I have them setting in a kitchen window for sun catchers


  Then at a resale shop here in town I found this purple vase, I have never had a piece of purple glass and thought it was so pretty. I was going to lay it out in one of my flower beds to catch the sun light but also set it in the kitchen window. I have a few colored glass pieces laying on the ground in my flower bed

   I almost forgot to show this tomato spoon I got at the same auction as the chandelier shades seems I have a collection of them now about 6 of them maybe 7


Then last Saturday I went to an auction with friends and I thought these little small chandelier shades were very cute and I can always use them on one of my chandeliers, maybe cover them with toile material maybe paint them what ever. I feel like I got them at a great price I bid I think $6.00 for a box of items just to get these little shades made in Japan still have the paper labels on them

There is 10 of them

Then I got one more thing at the resale shop last week a dough bowls I have had it outside on my patio table , I just bought this I think because one of my sisters likes dough bowl   . I had my hand garden tools in it


I hope to get my chair finished Monday when I am home all day, Saturday is my family reunion get together and Tuesday I have a date with a friend to shop & eat .

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Covered my head

Well the yard sale is over and sold a lot of little things gave away a french provincial desk minus any drawers. I just had $5.00 on it and it didn't sell so I put it on the curb.It's gone
I had wanted to stay home all day and just piddle so I planted a few more flowers and then started painting a chair I am going to put back in my bedroom.

This is only part of the before picture , it was a wood looking before and then this green striped seat.
I had it in my bedroom for about 2 years now going to paint it , I have to many projects sitting around, anyway this is just primer on it

  I got the primer on the seat also and let it dry all afternoon.
No finished picture like everyone else shows LOl
I have some very light light blue I think I will paint it because I have a blue & white toile in my bedroom. Once I thought of a metallic gold ! ? I will show a finished picture when I get it finished

Then I went to work covering a wig head , I used glue and water ,decoupage glue

 It was so nice outside today I put my patio umbrella up and just stayed outside just about all day


little to close for a good picture. I tore up a Trader Joe's grocery sack to use . I was going to use music sheets but then seen this sack in one of my paper drawers


you would think I have nothing to do to take the time to play with this project LOL I did 4 loads of laundry and hung them out on my clothes line before I started this . I love to hang clothes outside to dry

    this is the seat of the chair with primer , yes a material seat
I will make up my mind what color to paint it and let you know, suggestion are always welcome

I just love those Trader Joe's grocery sacks when I go to the  St Louis store I always ask for extra sacks

Now I had a nice lady come to my yard sale , Peggy and she ask me to take a look at her Pinterest page so I am going to do that tomorrow at work, I have the best job I can surf the Internet all day . I answer a phone and just transfer people all day long so in between calls I read blogs, it's OK  per my boss. Best job I ever had , not pay wise LOL

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