Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Cabinet

I have so much stuff in my studio I really feel the need to get things rearranged and just cleaned up, you know what I mean? sure you do . I can live with clutter and things piled up in the studio until I want to create and can't find what I am looking for because I have so much . I have been trying to get all 100 pairs of scissors in one drawer and all the tools in a drawer and all my 50 rolls of scotch tape together and all my material in one room etc etc.

First I want to get this cute little cabinet cleaned off

I had the drawers full of special   boxed cards I picked up at sales after special events like Christmas etc

I thought I would put some sewing notions on display and add small sewing notions in the drawers. I have so much sewing notions and don't sew  LOL just like the old buttons, thimbles, needle cases etc
I bought this antique sewing bird at a quilt show once

These must be pretty special pins, I put them in a booth I had once at the antique mall, anyway I put $15.00 each on them and all sold  same day, I kept 2 for  myself


my little plastic box I covered with lace                                      
                                           needle cases

love mother of pearl buttons

     I am sure I will rearrange it with some blue & white childrens' dishes soon as I locate them , but for now will enjoy the old sewing notions      

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yard Work

Hi everybody

I don't have a thing to post about today ,no  new painted furniture,  no new dishes, no new anything for show & tell. I am just enjoying the sun and doing yard work which I enjoy if i'm not rushed like when you have a hundred other things to do and the yard is a foot high.

I hope to come up with something interesting to post about  when the yard is looking good

just a couple pictures of things setting on one of my kitchen shabby cabinets


a book mark that I think is really charming


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Which ones ?

Hi there

I am trying to decide which set of dishes to use at a ladies luncheon where I am a hostess, and each hostess sets a table in their own way. Last year I did old vintage ironstone platters so this year I am going to use one of these sets of dishes. This is at my church and all ages of ladies does this newly weds and us mature  ladies LOL. Last year a 12 year old set a table for her friends.




I need 8 place settings and I don't have 8 of everything so will either mix up all of my red and white transferware


or I have this set which I think I will use this time , I just need to come up with 4 more green glasses or use a set of my crystal glasses , not sure at this time then I need a center piece and 8 small gifts for my guests.
I always like to have a wow table
I found most of these cups at yard sales and one in an antique booth for 50 cents



The little treats I have for my guests depends what the theme of the luncheon is and I think it's spring flowers so that will be easy. I will give each lady a envelope of flower seeds. One year I gave each lady a Paula Deen magazine
 I like these glasses and I need 4 more . I got them at Tuesday Morning last year, they only had 4 at the time. I usually always buy 8 place setting of every thing

 I KNOW MY PICTURES aren't very clear                          

I was out side after work and look what bloomed today , my sweet little pink tulips. I like them before they open up

       I am so ready for garden time however that darn grass is growing also and now I need to mow already

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Cookbook

OMG (OH MY GOSH)  I just received my new cookbook named Back In The Day Bakery. I ordered 4 , one for me and rest for gifts  and  already gave one to my daughter.
I met this gal in Savannah Georgia a couple years ago . I had read about the bakery on a blog and so on my trip down to take the Paula Deen tour again I had to find this bakery.
I was not disappointed, Cheryl was sitting at a table making a schedule I think and I walked over to her and said I know your Cheryl I have seen your picture out in blog land. She laughed and we just hit it off , like we had known each other for years.
So my last two trips to Savannah I have  visited the bakery

                                                            when I click on this it's much clearer                

Here is a picture of the little  box she packed my cupcake to go in .It was my souvenir LOL    . So if your in Savannah look the bakery up you won't be disappointed. Tell her I sent you , Janice in  Missouri

I want to brag a little bit, I learned Cheryl loved vintage kitchen gadgets and Pyrex bowls so when I got home I sent her a box of Pyrex bowls and some old kitchen gadgets. In her cookbook she has the pink handled ice cream scoop I sent her and some old tin pie pans. I was so excited when I seen them in the cookbook. I sent her an email and ask to be for sure if they were the ones I sent her and she said YES OMG. I told her I would be bragging a little


I started on spring yard work this afternoon and got my little couple some flowers to make them look a little better. My  bradford pear tree is blooming so I broke off some branches and put in my Mr & Mrs yard vases. My Mister has a sour face doesn't he? I think Misses has a sweet smile, like she happy he's such a sour puss



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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sister's Birthday & Girl Scouts of America's

Today is March 12th 2012 , also know as the Girl Scouts of American  founding day by Juliette Gordon Low Savannah Georgia birthplace. This is their 100th birthday. I have been to her house once years ago while visiting Savannah Georgia. I am sure this week in Savannah their is lots of visitors.

I had a sister born on this day and the Girl Scouts in my home town Mt Vernon Illinois decided to adopt the first baby born on this special day. By adopting meaning they would throw this child a big birthday party every year until the child was 6 years old honoring the child because it was born on this special day .

My sister Elizabeth Paulette ( Libby)  was the first baby born  on March 12 th so every year through her 6th birthday all the Brownie and Girl Scout troops met in  designated place and gave her a party including cake ,ice cream and a gift from each troop. I loved seeing what all she got every year. She always got some kind of bunny I remember.
Here is a picture taken on her 4th birthday . I am in the picture also standing next to her the cake is in front of me (ahhhhhhhhh)


My Brownie & Girl Scouts pins, so glad my Mom kept them . My sister has an entire picture albumn of all her Girl Scout birthday parties.
Can you believe we sold our Girl Scout cookis for 35 cents a box? I am almost telling my age LOL
Can you guess what year this picture was taken?


Yesterday   a girl friend and I did a little vintage shop shopping then went to an estate sale and I spotted a velvet box that caught my eye since I like velvet boxes. They are just so Victorian looking to me I love the old ring boxes




   love the key hole and ornate corners

 a few other boxes I have collected

I love the fasteners on these boxes they are always so ornate, the bottom in this picture is a small picture albumn

Inside of my new box and my favoriate painted procelain pin


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Monday, March 5, 2012

Glass Eggs

Glass Eggs are something I think is so pretty and to think children got these for gifts back in early 1900's I guess ?
I have seen these at antiques shops ever since I have been collecting and never was interested in them till I seen a post by another blogger then I realized how wonderful they are. Mine have all the writing rupped off but I still like them. I got them at an estate sale for hardley nothing in a box of odds and ends

It's had to see on the one little egg but there is a baby chick peeking out of the egg


Here is a glass basket my   basket my Grandmother always had setting on top of the refigerator in her kitchen. When she died that is what I wanted the most because we have old family pictures and I can see that glass basket on the refigerator.



I am home today trying to dust and rearrange a few things the sun is out and it makes me feel so good.
If you want to really read about glass eggs read this that Richard at My Old Historic House posted last year about eggs

I use to have this little water fountain in my bathroom with the little birds being the spouts for the water

  I need to get real busy real fast and get a few things done around the house then get out in the sun , maybe rake a flower bed. I think lots of us are anxious to get in the flower beds, however I am sure we will have more frost to come even though my tulips are up

These little scruffy shoes I found  and thought they were so cute , to think some little bitty feet wore the toes out , and her Mom kept them . They ended up in an auction I am sure , before I purchased them for $3.00                                              

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