Monday, May 30, 2011

Made in England

I know I am cleaning out my stashes of things that I have way to much of BUT the girl next to me at the flea market  had these brown and white transfer ware dishes a 4 place setting made in England and had staffordshire on them only $7.50 she had sold things all day  long and about 2pm it slowed down so I looked what she had on her tables and I said to myself OMG only $7.50 I picked them up and ran over to my tables to hide them LOL.( so no one else would buy them )

I thought they would look so good with the brown and white odds and ends I already have like  my brown transferware  turkey plates etc.

She said no don't pay for them we will trade things OK that worked for me. She is the one wanting to travel Europe for a month she teaches art in Jefferson City Missouri

Then the girl on the other side of me left about that time because she had sold all her red wing pottery and had to go ride her horses she said. She brought the most amazing beautiful old yellow crock bowls with blue rings around the top she had ever size from I bet 1/2 cup to 3 gal I wanted them all

She said I drove all over the states collecting these when we built out ranch and did my kitchen in all these yellow crocks. I told her to pack them away for a while then when she sees them it will be new all over. I have started doing that on some things .

I was cleaning off my patio picking up tree branches and cut back my ivy around my patio so any way that is why I took my dishes out side . It was a beautiful morning yesterday and I had my coffee out there then Emma my neighbor came over to chat. She is helping to encourage me to eat healthy.  can do that  THEN I want a piece of pie or some home made cookie or what about a slice of home made pound cake? That is what she is on to me about LOL

                   love the inside of these cups

then i put an old lace tablecloth on my patio table my brown and white calico stafforshire pitcher looks good with the new dishes I think

       This is the plate the yellow crock bowl girl gave me  Johnston Bros          
                         Outside on the patio, my flower beds are not blooming yet

This would have been a better  picture if I had removed my plastic cup
I don't know the name of this flower however it is blooming so picked some
                          Curtains in my Tree (French lace)
                   A friend brought me these to plant a couple years ago                               

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Flea Market set up

This is going to be short and sweet for today only . I took a few pictures Saturday of my tables and wanted to share

Also Saturday if anyone had  mentioned they had read my blog I was going to let them pick out any one item they wanted  off my tables  (didn't happen)

I live in a dead zone I mean I think I am the only one around here that even reads blogs . I shouldn't say that I know 3 people who read blogs.
Flea markets just aren't big around here like Round Top Texas and Brimfiled Massachusetts and up in Minnesota and around Chicago but don't think I will move to any of those areas so will just keep reading about them on blogs

I am going to paint my little chalkboard white soon as I get caught up on other things I am working on

                    These babies took the car ride to the flea market and back home with me


      I took 12 boxes of old costume vintage jewelry and sold lots of it.                                               
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Kitchen Fun & upcoming Flea Market Saturday May 28th

This will be short because I have lots going on tonight and tomorrow. Like load my cruiser for the flea market this Saturday and I don't even have everything out of the storage room to load up. Oh well whatever I take will be fine. It will all be smalls this spring. I talk about this all winter and now down to the bullet and I am not ready.

First these were all in a cabinet I have my Mom's dishes in. Things I always liked  yes more kitchen things

This is an odd canister I just loved the blue cherries on it

                                              Green wooden handle kitchen gadgets

This syrup pitcher with the butterscotch handle was Mom's she was always at an antique mall

I have lots of old books and was going to take some to the flea market however it may shower a little and I don't have a tent up so better not take great old books to get wet, Maybe I should be more positive I will put them in the cruiser and if it doesn't shower or no thunder storms I will get them out

OK must run and I mean run up and down my steps and get more treasures upstairs and get started loading up. Better take 2 ALEVE LOL

This Saturday May 28th 2011 7am  -6pm ? mall open till 8pm

Artichoke Annie's Antique Mall

1781 Lindberg Dr Columbia Missouri 65201
573 474-2056 @ Millersburg Exit 9 miles east of Columbia Mo
They had a great bunch of vendors last time i set up

I want to get off this kitchen stuff also but I really love them all don't you?
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It's a Hodhepodge Life another great Friday                                                                                                                                                                    
Had a great day at the flea market meaning money wise any way about 8 am downpour and I am so glad I bought rain tarps to take.

I took about 12 boxes of costume jewelry and it sold like hot cakes.

I met a girl from Jefferson City  Missouri who wanted someone to travel across Europe with. I said let me have a couple more 3 yard sales and I will be ready LOL  (wouldn't that be fun?)

OK going to the movies must hurry and get ready


Saturday, May 21, 2011

To Sell or Not to Sell

I opened some boxes in my storage room and found these items that has been packed away and then some items I did have in my kitchen and the Folgers can I got last weekend at the estate sale I went to .

My Mom had a clear batter bowl and I have it and use once in a while

This old crock bowl I inherited guess you could say

This little rusty truck I bought once at an auction just had to have it because?

Because this had blue on it I love it and I like things that have names on it like SALT

                              This Folgers can is full of chalk this is the one from an estate sale

                            I had never seen a BREAD box like this , had to have it ?

                          These I love , my neighbor this morning said get rid of those , sell them at the flea market

I didn't get Flour  in here

         Did you notice my old blue boards? I got them out of a dumpster once , LOVE them

                                             I think my neighbor is wrong because she doesn't like blue and white?

I picked these peonies before the rain Thursday  evening  and they are still beautiful.

I had company last night my friend and I was setting at this table and she said oh they smell so good
as we were eating bar b Que ribs

               I think these are my sisters? I did have a set once. She said sell them at the flea market.
Did I tell ya my yard sale went great


Click on any picture to make it larger

Richard from My Old Historic House said kitchen smalls that they are very popular now.
he left this comment on my last post , love his old historic house

Richard Cottrell said...

Kitchen stuff has become a big thing in the antique and collectors world. I see you are among them. Richard at My Old Historic House

May 17, 2011 2:35 PM

I will tell my good neighbor that LOL
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Kitchen smalls

I never really loved Pyrex till everybody in certain circles of mine said how they loved it and wanted pink sets.
Seems pink and turquoise anything has been going around some time now.Well anyway this estate sale I attended Saturday has some blue Pyrex dishes and I thought my friends would be upset with me if I passed on them so in honor of my Pyrex friends I got them

I guess so I could brag on finding some to match a small little covered dish I found at a shop for $4.00
This large dish would sure hold a great recipe of chicken and cheese  enchilada

                           This is the first little one I found and since blue is my favorite color

I put one of my green jadeite bowl on this ole rusty flower pot holder .I am putting items in the garage for the sale Monday and Tuesday this week and thought guess someone could use this to hold a bowl but not my jadeite

                the lid to the small casserole I didn't know lids matched the pattern on the bowls



Here is another one of my creations LOL I seen this back last winter so had to add jewels to my old silverware. These were some old clip on earrings

  This is the coffee pot I had my silver jeweled silverware in

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  I wanted to say my yard sale Monday and Tuesday this week went very good. I let go of a lot of vintage, rusty, iron, metal, and linens.

At 6pm last night when I was putting things away and getting out the ole garbage bags a girl stopped by had Minnesota licenses plates on her car and just seen my yard sale so anyway just stopped to see what I had.
She started making her a pile of vintage leather coin purses and vintage pillowcases and asking prices on odd dish items. I said just put everything you want in a pile and we will negotiate on a price.
She ended up with so much stuff we like to never got it all in her little car because she had a chair and a huge laundry basket plus lots of clothes.
I asked her if she was moving she said no just going to the laundry mat.
well anyway LOL.
I gave her a 3 drawer cabinet plus lots of dishes 2 lamp shades 2  western leather belts , 2 serving bowls and 2 odd place setting of lenox dishes.
She gave me $10.00 and I was happy to rid my garage of all that.
 she was cute tall and thin  and was carring a play boy bunny bill fold LOL

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kitchen makeover

I read blogs all the time where women are getting a kitchen redo. So today I thought I would rearrange a few things in my kitchen to try and make it look like a make over
I started by putting some of my cookbooks on my counter I keep them in a closet in my office and always looking at them so decided to bring them out.
I also love before and after pictures posted so thought I would try some before and after.

So  my  counter before, not very attractive

really this looks better than it usually does but nothing to show off

Like I said this looks pretty plain except for that potato laying there waiting on me to cook it LOL

Before I finish the kitchen wanted to tell you I went back to Kansas City Sunday and we went to this place. named Ju Ju. We both had heard about it and had to check it out. a lot of 60's things lots of painted furniture and odds and ends a retro place for sure.

    Then we went to the Plaza shopped till 4pm then had a late lunch at The Cheesecake  Factory. We just had a 10 minute wait the place was packed of course it being Mother's day.
We set outside by the fountain and it was so nice

The sisters and I have a trip planned to stay at the Plaza and shop.


 OK  back to the kitchen make over. I wanted to show these refrigerator dishes that was my grandmothers and my Mom had them so now I have them and I am starting to use them for things I put in the refrigerator. Back when I was  a kid this sounds pitiful but there never was left overs at our house there was 6 of us around the table and we licked the platter clean every meal. LOL really

 I remember sitting around my grandmother's 42 inch oak round table eating fried chicken every Sunday along with mashed potatoes and usually green beans. I always wanted dessert and some Sundays Grandma had a pie made, loved it .My favorite was her chicken and dumplings
She always made a white coconut cake on Easter. That is the only holiday I remember the white coconut cake being make. But I don't remember everything when I was a kid LOL

          I wanted to arrange my cook books so I could see some of what I have  too many to stack this way
           I separated them down to two stacks sit my pug book ends on top                                                                                                                      

I put my bottles of vitamins in my silver covered casserole.

I thought I would put some of my old sterling silver in some of my silver tea and coffee pots
My ladle's need cleaned up with silver polish but didn't  get it done. Now some things have to be perfect for me but not these.
                                                               Large tablespoons
                                                           Tomato servers

           Now I don't have a newer house with the $50,000 dollar kitchen but love my little kitchen
I love this large silver dome the little hobnail bottle has a fresh picked iris 

     Standing back looking what I did after I put tables in the garage and filled them with yard sale stuff then mowed the front and back yard . Now it time to rest

Another before and after my new yard shed 

AFter I painted it all white

I still have to get a ramp made to drive my mower into it.  then there is the flower beds around it. also a cute iron  bench but I have that already need to get it out there it's in the kitchen now. I would love to have an old weather vane on top.
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