Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pretty Is As Pretty Does/ BLIZZARD HERE

I just love pretty things and always looking for more pretty. Where did that saying come from Pretty is  AsPretty Does that just came to my mind this morning?

OK a friend just told me it's an old saying  and means you don't act ugly

I have been trying to make cards like I said a couple posts back and found some from years ago some made me sad some made me laugh some I just can't get rid of .

I have enough card making supplies to make everybody in this town a card way to much stuff but I just can't help myself I have invited a friend over for us to make cards together she is really good at coming up with ideas

I bought this doll ornament out at one of my favorite places to shop there was another girl there buying one and she was telling me these are made buy a well known  doll maker Katherine Collection I just love it I think she is a Marie Antoinette

The Little Swan was made buy the same maker
     That little box of chocolates looks so real doesn't it?                              
       Once I got to looking for treasures found this Annalee mouse which I think is so cute

you can tell I either need to change the calendar or this is the day I took the picture? I usually just put special dates on this calendar like peoples Birthday's in my family
    I like this picture with my staffordshire dishes in the back ground       

There is one resale shop here in town that I stop at once a week and happened upon these gorgeous plates and I don't collect plates but had to bring these home with me

This plate is marked Noritake china you can click on the pictures to make them larger

          This plate is a Old Ivory Syracuse China

This one is MYOTT Staffordshire England and on the front has a signature A Robert I had never noticed a plate signed on the front before

         The last one i got is Imperial Salem China Company
Only one  more of Marie Antoinette's Swan
         I bought this purple heart and added the rhinestone pin, bought it at Christmas time a few years ago                                                    

Under my TV wall unit as I was looking for something I have misplaced I found a few little things packed away so dragging them out to put in a proper place. The little rhinestone ash tray is no larger than a half dollar I found this one time while out in Oregon. I use to have it n a cabinet with my rhinestone clocks now how did it get in the living room?

This picture of this Victorian type man is in one of my love poems books
The little shoe card I made for place cards at a luncheon at my church . I made every lady at the table a place card with the shoe. Our theme was shoes                                                
The little scoop I am putting in one of the jars of my old buttons.I was digging through one of my jars this morning looking for pink buttons and found some I forgot I had and that made me happy.

I met my friend Karen this morning for coffee and breakfast and she brought some cards that her and some work ladies had made. They use a lot of Tim Holtz items and I use found treasures from the studio (altered art )
It was fun seeing how different people put together a card.
Now I really need to quit talking about it and get a special card made. I am working on that card with the plastic glove stretcher. It is for Right Hand Girl

  I just love these special post like Pink Saturday On How Sweet The Sound I added my Pink Puff in this last piture

We are having our first blizzard in Missouri. Governor Nixon has delacred this an emergency because of all the snow we are to get maybe up to 23 inches and 40mph winds . It is really snowing here now . I hope to make cards with electricty on in my house. Meaning hope it stays on through out the storm. All I have is candles to keep me warm



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Curtains In The Snow

While it is so pretty with all the snow Sissy and I was out feeding the birds and I decided to hang a pretty piece of material ( waiting to be made into curtains) in my patio tree of course just for the fun of it  I know some people just don't get it It's just fun playing like having an imaginary   friend
I even took a Bridal Veil out

It was such a bright sunny day the contrast was wonderful here the veil is on the old rusty cross on my wooden fence

I even carried out this fun glitter shoe

      Up In The TREE

I have had this  sheer toile materail to make curtains  for some window in my house and just keep dragging it around from room to room trying to decide which window to put them in  and now drug it outside to play with the Curtain In My Tree
I recieved this georgous card last year from someone special and they still are special
              I have kept this card several years                          
            These pictures are inside of Romantic Homes magazine latest issue  and I added some of my touches with my treasures Love the buttons                                                   
              These white buttons I bought at an auction and they were all strung together like this so  I just left them together  if the string was a little longer I would wear them as a necklace     

My new blog custom calling  cards
This lady I am sure lots of you know and follow her blog Joy she was featured in this issue
  Now I need to get to work                                                                                      
 While surfing around all the great blogs I found Coastal Charm and she is having
a fun day of showing Nifity Thrify finds so had to join in

Also look in on on Faded Charm for her Wednesday Linky post
I just found a cute site that we all like to Strut Your Stuff  Thursday


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seeing Reds In my Closets


I made myself stay home today and enjoy cleaning out some closets and rearranging my kitchen buffet drawers. You know I have way to much stuff sitting around and just needed to make it more like company is a coming.

First I finally put away my punch bowl from my Christmas party early December then while in one closet found these old cheer leader pictures I bought years ago from a lady who had a shop in her country garage.I have always loved them but have never hung them up. I couldn't decide if I needed new frames or leave them in the original frames even though they are shabby but shabby is in now so that answers that.

Isn't he handsome I bet these are from maybe 1909's
 And look at this pretty lady can you imagine cheering in that outfit ?Very lady like I would say for maybe 1910's ??
Some more little red things I found are these world fair cups dated 1906 and 1907 I use to have them sitting in my kitchen window I like the sun shinning through them

I think these are so pretty and precious since some lady bought them and had her name engraved on them

I wanted pancakes for breakfast this morning and thought I can just whip me up a batch because I have Biscuit mix . I can remember when I was a kid and Grandma would make pancakes for a special breakfast on Saturday mornings while I watched cartoons
So I got all my ingredients out and cooked me a batch they were  so good just hit the spot

cooked them in my 8 inch iron skillet

OK now back to playing with my treasures these spice jars was sitting on the bottom shelf of a cabinet in the studio and I thought they needed to be seen in the kitchen again so I rearranged  the shelf beside my sink

                 I wanted to show my old tin measuring cups                                 
             I got this 11"x 14" card in the mail from a friend in Oregon she knows I like pink and being the lady I am                                   
                      The name Is Nancy Lady Astor
                   I didn't realize she was a women's lib like lady
This morning before daylight while I was having my coffee i turned on my battery operated candles I first was given one of these from my neighbor as a gift  and now i really enjoy them

These are the cookie cutters I had out in the snow

I bought this Velvet hanger at an all day  auction waited all day and this was in the last box of goodies I bought I think it was in a box of odds and ends but knew i needed it so thought up an idea to use it for valentines day last year      
             These were heart cookie cutters I bought at a Marshall's store tied pink ribbon  on them and hung them from the velvet hanger                                    
I came across      this soft sweet blog today Show Off Your Cottage Monday I think you might like it
      The House in the Roses